Hitch concept camera

It’s a common ritual – you go to an event like a wedding or house party and everyone takes their own photos. As the host, you’d love to gather them all up and have a multi camera view of the event but it never happens. Guests take their cameras home and the photos are at best spread across sites like Facebook and Flickr and at worst, never seen again.

I’ve been to a few weddings where the couple has tried to solve this problem by handing out disposable cameras to each table and that sort of works – but less and less so in a world of phones with multi-megapixel cameras built in. Enter Hitch, a concept that came as the result of a design week project by Martin Spurway from Loughborough Design School (my university town as it happens).

Hitch is a combination of a set of small, basic cameras along with a dock that has storage and projection capabilities. For those who have other devices they’re snapping with, the dock has Bluetooth and card slots to encourage “non Hitchers” to join the party.

hitch1 lg

I like the idea of making photos more instantly social but what I thought would be really cool is to hook Hitch up to Photosynth and have it built synths from the collective photos.

photography kindly supplied by Martin Spurway