I’ve been remiss in posting on the Something for the Weekend series for a few weeks due to vacation and international travel. Poor excuses I know. It returns this week with a nod to my blogging cohort, Larry Hryb (aka MajorNelson).

Larry alerted me to the fact that you can now “unleash your avatar”. What? You can get your Xbox LIVE avatar image on posters, Zune devices, 3D figurines and more. I just tested mine out with the intention of getting a 3D figurine of myself to sit at my desk while I’m not there (he’d be far more productive) but alas not all content is licensed for use so mine is sans lightsaber. I may still go ahead as I’m intrigued to see how 3D modeling techniques pioneered by special effects houses works our for me. I suspect I need more “work” than that…

I could just got for the giant sized posted of myself as shown above. Hmmm….it’s far from realistic of course as there is no way on earth I could perform that pose and if I tried, a visit to the emergency room would follow.

Alas, don’t let me deter you – head to Xbox.com for more details.