Fabricate Yourself with Kinect + 3D printer

I was talking about something like this with a friend last week…no sooner do you think it and it appears. A Kinect sensor hooked up to a 3D printer that spits out small physical models of you.

Charlie Sorrel covers it in Wired and as usual he has a great analogy that explains it — “Fabricate Yourself” is like a 3-D photo booth. The project is headed by Karl Willis and was shown at the Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference (I know…who knew such a conference existed).

With the official SDK on the way, we can expect to see more magic like this over the coming months. Now, where is that 3D printer I had lying around…I soooo want one of these models.

check out the video below for more and the site for a ton of cool images