Snowboards, skis, Xbox, Bing, Windows, Netflix and more…

Another hour, another ad – as I was watching the flash mob video, I noticed this ad which I personally like even more. I spent last weekend learning how to board and have the bruises to show for it….Road trip to Mt. Hood features a ton of tech, not least Netflix running on the new Asus slate and a fine choice of movie – The Bourne Ultimatum. Oh and the latest music search results on Bing – buy a track without leaving the search results.

These ads are really starting to get to the point of the connected world of our stuff….the closing tag line of Your Entertainment. Everywhere. is right to the point. I’d never really seen this in action until I arrived in the US six months ago and got my stuff together. I got a new Xbox, really started using my Zune Pass, hooked up to Netflix, got my machines all connected with Mesh, got my Windows Phone 7 and things have really started to click. I know not all of this is available in every market and we work hard to try to fix that but plenty of it it in many markets – Windows and Mesh for example.

IMHO, there has been a little too much “system integration” needed in the past to bring these types of things together – now, it just works. It’s been a pleasurable experience with friends and family over the last year or so.