This is the first in a series I hope to post each Friday – something a bit light hearted from within Microsoft or outside – I’m calling it Something For The Weekend (SFTW).

First in the series is a fun little video I came across from Alexis Madrigal, a senior editor at The Atlantic. It’s a short video he shot showing scenes from the end of the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s amazing to see these shows go up and then come down in the space of a few days. I spoke with a craftsman on the night before the opening . of the Microsoft booth and he looked wired – I guess you would be after 11 days solid of helping to build a mini city. You could see a glimmer in his eyes when he talked about the final few hours before the show opened and how that was the real magic of CES – a quixotic mix of craftsmanship, hard graft, sweating brows and ingenuity that made things look perfect a few hours later. Having walked past the immense LG booth and seeing that go from woodwork shop to gleaming edifice within a few hours was amazing.

Anyway, check out Alexis’s video and note the amount of wheeled vehicles at play!