No longer a CES virgin

I’m a CES virgin – in terms of in person attendance – but that’s set to change this week as I land from the UK in to Seattle tonight and then direct out to Vegas tomorrow morning for the consumer extravaganza. My schedule is pretty packed out with booth tours, press meetings and hopefully some sleep. I’ll be at the keynote with Steve Ballmer tomorrow evening but not live blogging (who knows what connectivity will be like). Fortunately, you can grab the stream live from our Facebook page starting at 9:30p ET/6:30p PT/0230 GMT

Laura, Ben, Larry and plenty of other softies will be on hand to give you the details of the show – for my part, I’m hoping to take a wider than Microsoft view of things as I’m keen to see what trends, beyond 3D, are the big topics of the show. I’m hoping to see plenty of NUI goodness.

I’ll be tweeting from @MSFTNext