Stop playing Kinect games

….and try out video Kinect.

I bought my family a Kinect this Christmas, partially to play games but also so we can use Video Kinect when I return from the UK to Seattle. We already use video conferencing with Windows Live Messenger and our LifeCam Studio’s but there is something altogether more pleasing about doing video conferencing from the Xbox and getting your remote party on your big screen TV. You need an Xbox Live Gold subscription – enabling you to video chat with friends on Xbox Live as well as friends on Messenger. That should serve to bump up the current 420m chats that take place each month on Messenger!


While I love the quality of the LifeCam Studio, the Kinect sensor brings another dimension to video chatting – with it’s ability to track movement and the motorized base the sensor pans, zooms and tilts up and down as you move around and refocuses should more people enter the frame.

If Santa gave you a Kinect, give it a shot.