Get security updates for August 2014

Microsoft releases security updates on the second Tuesday of every month.

How to check for the latest updates.

This bulletin announces the release of security updates for Windows, Microsoft Office, and other programs.

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Eve Blakemore

Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    Just received email that MS is running a lottery and that my gmail address has won…forward to MS fraud unit, delete it "and miss my winnings" or what?

  2. Anonymous

    well hi i had a phone call from saying they are from saying they my hp has expired .so i gave them access to my computer .they done download's for over 2 hour's .i don't no if this is safe or not .is there any way of finding out .Cheer's Rob

  3. Anonymous

    I can not download WIndows 8.1 updates for a few months now. What has happen? I did scanned and found no viruses using MS program.

    I tried to manuel install the updates but is says it needs Windows updated before it can install. What is wrong with this? I never had this problem with Windows Xp or Vista.

  4. Anonymous

    Is MS still e-mailing out security bulletins? I received an e-mail saying that MS was after the kerfuffle over the Canadian opt-out issue. But I didn't get one this month and I don't see any way to subscribe to those notifications in my personal profile.

  5. Anonymous

    please help an old lady who has been trying to set up some security .on my  windows X.p. been having warnings every time i try to use .internet and. google. saying it is not safe.

  6. Anonymous

    How do I change a phone number on my account? I can't find anywhere to change it.

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