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  1. Anonymous

    I took the quiz and I failed. 0%  zero out of the 10 questions asked.

    Is there an easy way for MS to make rogue stand out?

    Plus I have not been able to get MS updates for months. I have Windows 8.1. Updates have stopped coming. Do I have a rogue on my machine? I scanned but not sure what the result means.

  2. Anonymous

    I received a phone call from a foreign location telling me that my computer has a virus and it is sending viruses to the Microsoft center. The caller had a thick Indian accent. They wanted to take control of my computer by looking at the bottom three buttons next to the control key ( to the right). I stopped them immediately and told them I don't know that they are who they say they are and to call me back in an hour. The number that they gave me was 1-800-492-3960.

    I am thinking this is a scam and they are trying to take control of my computer for banking info or passwords.

  3. Anonymous

    received an email this am from "Microsoft Corporation" <>  re: someone trying to sign in to my Windows computer…on my windows license key….I think this is a scam…have run all my antivirus software .  Trend Micro and Microsoft Safety Scanner and there have been no issues found.  Is this a problem for others?

  4. Anonymous

    Could someone PLEASE tell me whats going on with my e.mails? i was quet happy with my account at .. But they asked me to change my e.mail so i did to & i still cant get any e.mails ??? ..Regards Mary

  5. Anonymous

    On Monday 21st July 2014 I took a call from a person who said they represented Microsoft Technical Centre based in California. The representative had an Indian accent called himself Peter Dawson and informed me that my computer had been contaminated with Malware and they had seen this and wanted to remove the offending Malware. The process would take around 10-15mins to complete. At this point the representative talked me though how to get to ( I think) the licence number which he was able to read back to me. He said this confirmed his credentials and would like to proceed to take control of my computer.

    I informed him that whilst it sounded plausible, I still remained extremely cautious about the whole situation. He then said that he would pass me onto his manager for more re-assurances. The manager (female) sounded American and confirmed that they wanted to ensure that they removed any Malware etc from my computer and it would take only 10-12 minutes. At this point I have to say it all sounded extremely correct. However, I persisted for more concrete proof and asked them for the number and address they were speaking from. I was passed back to the Indian representative (male) who took some 2 minutes to provide me with a number – 01212885880. He said ring this number and everything will be confirmed as we have said. He went on to say he would ring me back in around 10 minutes. I made the call and an American sounding female answered – Microsoft Technical Centre. ( I suspect she doubled up as manager and receptionist.)  I requested information as to its precise address but did not get a proper answer except California. I finished the call and then decided to Goggle any related blogs finding one from 2010. The story posted was very similar to mine and with that I have suddenly realised that this was a scam. He did try and ring back I did not answer his calls and currently it has stopped. However, if he rings again I will post his number but I'm guessing this will untraceable.

    What is concerning is that they at the Microsoft number for my computer. I do have Norton Security on board and regularly (in addition to their security updates) carry out manual scans. I just wanted to post this to alert you to this possible threat, Whilst as individuals we try to remain vigilant to these threats sometimes it can be very easy to be sucked into such conversations especially when they sound so credible, you almost feel foolish for not just saying thanks for your help, and here's my computer. However, caution with a capital C is the word here.    

  6. Anonymous

    Ever since this morning (7-23-2014) I have not been able to get into my e-mail account () with my password which I have NOT changed-need help!

  7. Anonymous

    I just received a phone call that sounds just like the above messages.  I became suspicious right away because I had trouble logging on to my microsoft account this morning, and the information on the screen indicated that I needed to provide a different email address.  I told the person calling that I would call him back, he immediately asked what i was going to do with the number and I said that I didn't believe he was from Microsoft.  He hung up on me.  I then called the number left on my caller ID and the message said that the number had been closed due to fradulent activity.

  8. Anonymous

    My windows defender does not seem to be working although it shows all four items as being on.  I am being bombarded by pop ups and spend as much time turning them off as doing anything else.  This all followed an e-mail from 'british gas'!!  Any suggestions??

  9. Anonymous

    I'm a carer for a 91 year old gentleman, who used to have a PC.

    He often receives calls 'from 'Microsoft', concerning problems with his computer.

    We have evolved 2 solutions;

    1.  Put the phone down & leave it, whilst making a cuppa, or 2 or 3.

    2.  Be extremely rude, use industrial language'.

    91 year old enjoying it, he tells them naughty words, in Italian, [He fought there in WWII].

    I've got 5 computers & 3 phones, no beggar ever phones me to say I've got problems.

  10. Anonymous

    Yes – two calls today, at least one each day for the last 2 weeks

    Try a good umpires whistle in their ear (if you have one) – I'm told it can be quite damaging to the eardrum

    Phone numbers they give are phony, they can't tell you the address of the building they are working in, nor can they give you much info about the problem    I spent nearly 30 years working with / programming/ maintaining the beasts – but all that stopped 10 years ago when I retired  I'm smart enough to know I am out of date.  My son in law is a qualified MS engineer – funny how they hang up when told of that.   Have another son in law who is employed by a law enforcement body – another way to make 'em hang up when you ask the question aside -"have you got the trace f that number fixed"

  11. Anonymous

    I have received a telephone call today and knew it was a scam. I took the number and rang back immediately but no surprise – the number was unobtainable. The telephone number was 02031824568

  12. Anonymous

    I like Gerry Ives comments.  However Microsoft is not answering these concerns. Are these calls fake.  

    I am hanging up on these calls, but please Microsoft people are they real or not???????????

    Anyone who will not tell me where they are calling from gets the phone put down.

  13. Anonymous

    call from 212-547=8912=asking to access my pc=said they were from "WINDOWS"

  14. Anonymous

    I keep receiving phone calls from the sub-continent claiming to be from Microsoft telling me I have an issue with a virus.and that they want remote control to fix it??? As a former Police Officer I ask them to email me to confirm that they are genuine and surprise surprise they don't. The phone number from this mornings call was 0019853281157.

  15. Anonymous

    Those calls are phony but for very easy to fall for. I used to work in IT and they got me. I received a call shortly after Christmas. They said they were from Dell and could tell from you error messages that I had been infected. (Dell doesn't read error messages) I tried to prove them wrong but they got control of my computer very quickly. They didn't ask – that should always been a clue. They told me my computer might last another month unless I paid them to fix it. They wanted $298 and it could only be sent by wire to India. Their technicians were already working on the program. I started trying to close my computers immediately, but they knew that and shut me down. Both computers said I needed a password to get back in. I don't usually use bad language but I didn't call them nice names. The first guy had a thick Indian accent and his boss had an American accent. They said it was a one time call. When I had caught on to them, that one time call turned into six calls. They nearly taunted me saying I couldn't back in my computer without a password. Some people fall for that and send the money but they never get a password. Those people just mess up your registry. The people from Dell, who changed my mind from negatie to positive about them, worked for days to get both my Dell and my Gateway computer back. I did lose some data but saved my computers. Now my XP is running Windows 10 and I have Windows Live Mail. I don't know what that means as far as the lack of support for XP means. However, I feel microsoft is nearly telling us the same blackmail junk by telling us we have to go to Windows 8 or 8.1. My husband sells computers and no one wants them. Every person I talked with at Dell said they had XP and they would keep it as long as possible. My XP got slower overnight and I almos fee like Microsoft is doing something because they want us to change. I just discovered that I have Microsoft Seurity Essentials on my computer as well as McAfee Total Protection. I'm told that is a no-no but don't know which one is best.

  16. Anonymous

    To add to my earlier message; I reported that call. I was told they were very common and very hard to do anything about since they were coming from another country. The people say that are from Dell, Microsoft, or they have said they are from the FBI. That I wouldn't have tried to aruge with- I know they wouldn't do that. A state trooper told me that he also lost $1,200 from using his bankcard at a gas station. They have cameras set up (you can't see them) and they are somewhere in the parking lot with a computer. He advised us to pay inside, at the window or use the pump closest to the window. If it can happen in our little town, it can happen anywhere.

  17. Anonymous

    I am blocked out of Outlook  because I do not have a "code" to enter. the email address they want to send the code to is NOT my email address. have I been hacked out of my account?

  18. Anonymous

    A Family Member mistaked click Link on her Email at time my Family Member didn't check email later on i try tell her is Fake Microsoft Email once i got Fake Paypal Email but stop click link, does Microsoft have Europe Phone Number or Chat

  19. Anonymous

     There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

    The security certificate presented by this website has expired or is not yet valid.

    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.  

     We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this website.  

     Click here to close this webpage.  

     Continue to this website (not recommended).  

        More information

    what do I do?

  20. Anonymous

    I just received one of those calls again. The number on caller ID came up as 706-805-2052 this time.When they call, I tell them I am not able to get to my computer at this time, but as soon as MY IT man gets home I will have him check it out….they hang up then. This time I told them if they want to call beck next week, they can talk to my IT man. If this is from Microsoft please send a notice before the call or something. If it is a scam, which I am sure it is, then Microsoft needs to send out an email or something so we know

  21. Anonymous

    Mary blackburn . Have you done a systemrestore go back to the time you changed your email address and do it a few days before hope it works for you.

  22. Anonymous

    We have had these scam calls about problems with the computor. So I have taken the approach that this could become entertainment rather than a hassle:

    1. Like someone above says, put them on hold and go wash your car or something useful

    2. Ask for their number so you can call back later – and don't or when you do use option 3.

    3. Say that it is they are the ones with a problem as I am a trained tech with analytical gear. This led to the caller eventually getting so frustrated that she swore and hung up on me!!! I really enjoyed that one.

    Keep smiling


  23. Anonymous

    I recvd a call from a man with a indian accen stating he was from Microsoft ht. I could barely understand him.  He stated that I have a bad virus on my computerand that my computer will crash.  O told him realky?  Well I will call Microsoft directly and he hung up.  I immediately called Microsoft and they told me its a scam.

  24. Anonymous

    I got 90%, I wrongly thought windows defender offline was rogue, I had an idea I may be wrong when I answered that one, 9 out of 10 though, I'm happy with that!.

  25. Tradition

    Don’t use ‘Facebook’! Stayed away from the ‘Quiz’. Maybe, if was on a ‘Microsoft’ server then I would have participated. Thanks.

  26. Anonymous

    People, this is a blog. Someone writes it, posts it, goes away. If you want to ask questions, the blog writer is already on the Next Big Thing. You might get help from other posters but don't count on it.

    Still, some basic advice :

    Microsoft will NEVER call you to say you've a problem on your PC. They might know you've got a problem, but they still won't do it. Whether the caller is from India or Someplace USA, be polite but say No Thank You and put the phone down. If you can get the phone number of the caller, so much the better; report the callers to some place that will do something about it – Microsoft, FBI, BBB, wherever. Microsoft have already closed down some of these Indian fake "Microsoft" operations and will take action against others whenever they have enough evidence to do so.

    Microsoft Security Center will not scan your PC and tell you have a zillion strange-sounding viruses. Nor, in particular, will it ask you to pay to have those "viruses" removed. If it does, you're being scammed by a rogue product which may have dropped other unwanted stuff onto your hard drive. Power down, power back up into Safe Mode (use the F8 key) and run an anti-virus and/or anti-spyware scan.

    Website Certificate invalid? Use WhoIs to get the email address of the Tech person in charge of the website and send off an email to tell him/her that there's a problem. As for the site itself, play safe until it gets fixed. Assume the worst, always.

    Problems with Outlook or some other Microsoft product? Go looking for help in the Microsoft Forums. They're pretty good, and the helpers – especially the MVPs – know their stuff.

    Anything else? Remember, LGBMF – "Let Google Be My Friend". Or perhaps (ahem, this is Microsoft after all) Bing.

  27. Anonymous

    Microsoft NEVER makes any phonecalls like the ones you have described in your comments, these are all scams from people who want to take control over your computers and gain access to your passwords, bank accounts etc. Microsoft never contacts you and asks for that type of informaton.

    If you are a recipient of "The Microsoft Security for Home Users Newsletter" you have received information about this scam quite a few times over the past 3 or 4 years. Here in Sweden it's also in the papers now and then as there seems to be waves of these phonecalls, maybe they concentrate on one country/one part of the world before moving on to the next?

    Telling them you've reported them to the police has absolutely no effect.

    Only speaking Swedish doesn't really help, they keep on talking and talking in English anyway (poor English with Asian sound to it).

    Just hanging up on them is one idea.

    Putting them on hold while doing something else is another.

    The only thing that has worked for us is to laugh at them, a real good, hearty laugh, as though you think they are totally mad to call you about this.

  28. Anonymous

    I don't have time to keep clicking on stuff to get an answer. After clicking to get to "Is Security Center Real?" now it has me click again for an answer. Why not tell your report on the first click???????

  29. Anonymous

    i just took the quiz on face book  and got 100% right yea

  30. Anonymous

    I often receive phone calls saying my HP computer (or other brand) is infected. (Mine is not an HP)

    I immediately ask them very nicely  "Do know about Jesus" and start to tell them about Him.

    They hang up so quickly that I hardly get in a sentence.

  31. Anonymous

    These calls are fake and have nothing to do with MSFT. MSFT doe not receive individual status report from any computer. DO NOT ever allow them to enter your computer. MSFT does have Tech that you can contact who are legitimate Techs who will work with you and may have to get into your computer. BE SURE that you contact MSFT from one of their Phone numbe4s or email them and they can get back to you. I had problems on two of my Computer.

    MSFT contacted me and we spent 5 days fixing the system. I could not upgrade to  IE10 and the browser kept crashing. they scanned for viruses with 5 different Commercial scanners, (my ISP provides free Norton Security Suite). Since these would take hours to complete the Tech gave me a contact number when done. He was off for the weekend and he called me when he got back. BTW he was in INDIA and he was excellent. We worked on two computers at the same time on different floors, good thing I have wired extensions with speaker phone.

    He uninstalled Windows Home Premium and upgraded me to  Windows 7 pro on the upstairs computer which had serious issues, not allowing me to use my Paid Hotmail account. He wound up placing a Icon on the taskbar connecting it to Gmail. The Notebook was a much more serious problem, it would not allow installing service pack 1. He had to send me a link for an ISO and the computer had a hard time opening it. Once he did that he upgraded my Computer to Windows Ultimate for free. Computer works fine except for occasional hiccups.

    I still get these fishing calls reporting that they are from MSFT and need to check my computer. I just Laugh and HANG UP.

  32. Anonymous

    My reaction is simply not to respond to a phone call with a number that is not known in my list. I regularly get one or two of such phone calls in a year, mostly with a number from a country and place that can not be iditified in an ordinary phone book or is highly unexpected. In addition, at the same time I got rid of many unwanted phone calls too!

  33. Anonymous

    Simply change to Apple.

  34. Anonymous

    I agree with most posts……. remember, MSFT will never call you requesting information re: your computer.  If you are having problems, you should be the one who contacts MSFT.  MSFT has said again and again,  " we don't make unsolicited phone calls requesting information."

  35. Anonymous

    What  about Omnitech?  Anyone used it?

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