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This bulletin announces the release of security updates for Windows, Microsoft Office, and other programs.

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Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    Thanks Microsoft – you've created a lovely nightmare for me. You've blocked my emails and you won't let me retrieve my outlook account by  you defaulting to an old dial-up address. Just goes round in an circle. You won't email a new gmail account I had to make because of you. It's come at a really bad time with a once in a lifetime oversea trip for me coming up soon when I need contacts and reservations. I won't be coming back to outlook when and if this is fixed. You probably don't even read these, so thanks again.

  2. Anonymous

    My Windows 8.1 is broken. It can not get any updates. What is wrong with it? Do I need a new computer already? I had this for  few month now and now updates are not working. Why is that? Is it because there is no start menu and it stop working?

    I wish I never got rid of my Windows Xp computer. Windows Xp was and is the best system ever made.

  3. Anonymous

    I have also the same problem, my windows 8.1 update is not working . Requesting to look Microsoft about my problem and solve it. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous

    Perhaps this is not the proper forum for this , but I have been contacted twice by a supposedly representative of windows. They tell me that my computer is having a problem and they will help me fix it. Of course  they want to remote in. .I have declined and hung up, as I am not having any trouble. I feel it is a scam and wondering if any one else has encounter this

  5. Anonymous

    Stopping me from getting on the internet is annoying to say the least. Leave me out of your security checks or what ever you call it. You are sending a code to an email address that I don't use anymore. I have asked around and aol doesn't do this to their account users.

  6. Anonymous

    How do you remove a password for a owner

  7. Anonymous

    Like Dianne I now have a nightmare – blocked emails and info defaulting to old contact address that was to have been deleted last time I went through this security update.  This is happening at an extremely important time – need to access my emails and am blocked.

  8. Anonymous

    Can't access msn e-mails. Told "we are overprotective"….I need code but no way to access and no help from

    microsoft… should I set up new account with another…ie Yahoo? 

  9. Anonymous

    I am disabling Windows Defender after 2 updates of Defender caused major problems.  An update on April 29th to Defender caused my home page to become MS Office instead of the Windows 8.1 App & Tile screen which at least is still functional albeit inconvenient.  However, a Defender update on July 12th completely disabled all of my Office 365 applications:  Outlook was completely lost even the ICON disappeared, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word were no longer functioning and pop-up messages kept saying that these programs had been moved elsewhere or lost utility connections.  I called MS Technical Support to ask for assistance and explanation and was met with "trouble leaving here fine" attitude.  The tech kept insisting that there were no problems with the Defender updates and that it may be an incompatibility with Explorer.  EXCUSE ME, but doesn't the same corporation produce both???  The Tech even suggested buying another Security Software and disabling Windows Defender . . . wow even the techs aren't behind this software?  MS Support was generally worthless and a major waste of time!  Thankfully, the HP Tech Support team which are wonderful, and even they couldn't find my MS Office applications within the system,  helped my do a System Restore back to prior to the Windows Defender update and that is what solved my problems and re-enabled all of my office applications.

  10. Anonymous

    Can't access msn e-mails. Told "we are overprotective"….I need code but no way to access and no help from your team

    and I'm trying to change the old email you have storage that I don't used anymore an it's impossible, you don't fix, you make it more difficult

  11. Anonymous

    I am getting the same notice that Microsoft is being over protective and there is a link to click before I can do emails. Is this a scam or is this something Microsoft is requiring?

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