It’s time to install Windows 8.1

If your computer is running Windows 8, it’s time to download and install the newest version—Windows 8.1.

Windows 8.1 Update (also known as KB 2919355) helps your computer run at optimal performance and includes new features that make the operating system easier to use. If you don’t install Windows 8.1, or if you uninstall it, you might not get future bug fixes, security updates, and new features.

If your computer is set to receive updates automatically, you don’t need to do anything.

To see if you’re running the latest update, see Which Windows operating system am I running? To install the latest update, see Install the latest Windows 8.1 Update

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  1. Anonymous

    On the topic of bug fixes, updating Win8 to Win8.1 breaks the System Image Backup feature.  Microsoft has a workaround at TechNet, but has Microsoft addressed the root problem so that updating to Win8.1 no longer causes this problem?

  2. Anonymous

    Do not touch Windows 8 or 8.1 with a barge pole. Every day we are removing Windows 8 and reinstalling Windows 7 Home Premium on client machines. Microsoft really made a boo boo with this one it doesn't work on 90% of all computers.

  3. Anonymous


    I agree and for me it is close to 96% are going to Windows 7. Some have even gone back to Windows XP since it works with all their programs. Plus the registry fix gets updates for another 5 years for Windows Xp.


    No, Windows upgrade does not automatically move from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1 to Windows 8.1 upgrade.

    You had to have installed WIndows 8.1 to get it to automatically upgrade to Windows 8.1 upgrade. But there is no point since there is no start menu and that is why most customers want. Plus downloading 8GB than 8GB for upgrades makes it difficult for regular users that have slow DSL or dial up. I have 80% customers that have DSL at 1MB or lower and about 6% that have dial up. What will it take to them to upgrade? A lot of time that they do not have. Make upgrades easy to get and small for people like that. Windows XP SP1, SP2, SP3 were small and easy to get. This is why most upgrade to at least SP3.

    Provide an easy download link for people to go from Windows 8 to WIndows 8.1 that has a start menu. If not, than stop making things worse. Thanks for listening.

  4. Anonymous

    I agree with all of the problems  mentioned above, what I don't understand about these so called Microsoft genesis's is that they don not improve on a system that's works half decent like windows 7 and leave it at that, and stop making new systems, of course trying to get to their next system which will of course be windows 9 they cant wait to get to the pagan 9. Their stupidity and greed for profit is eventually going to put them out of business. Anyone especially them who does not thing so has a real surprise coming. Every thing Microsoft does they do not care one bit about their customers privacy. They kiss the us criminal governments rear end. They should focus on privacy and defending against the criminal NSA and quit changing their system and improving on security and protecting against the corrupt us government!

  5. Anonymous

    8.1 is fine for personal computing.  For business, however, the lack of a start menu is a no go.

  6. Anonymous

    Please Help! For some reason there is something wrong in the system with People Contacts.

    I can add people to the system, I can Edit also, but I can NOT DELETE anybody, no matter what I try.

  7. Anonymous

    I just tried to load 8.1 on my Samsung Tablet for the second time and it still does not work. I will now have to do a refresh of the whole thing. Took 3 hrs and now another day to get it back to 8. 8.1 is junk

  8. Anonymous

    Win 8 is not user friendly nor is it user intuitive. I have taken over a dozen laptops/desktops back to Win 7. There are two cures for Win 8, either install Win 7 or wait for Win 9 in the first quarter of 2015.

  9. Anonymous

    No matter what MSFT says, the masses are not going to fall for WIndows 8.x. They are avoiding 8.x like they did with Vista. If you think about it, best releases had been  XP, Win7

  10. Anonymous

    What is recommended from XP SP3.. The Safest

    My system flies with XP Sp3.. 15 seconds and it is booted up.. I do not want all the bells and whistles..

  11. Anonymous

    What is "Consultant" referring to:  "@Consultant

    I agree. Plus the registry fix gets updates for another 5 years for Windows Xp. WHAT registry fix ?

  12. Anonymous

    Agreed on the Win8/8.1 just isn't compatible with a lot of programs in the work place. I still have some locations that cannot use 7 so those I am still running XP pro. If you need the start menu on 8 just install "Classic Start 8" and with the 8.1 update at least it boots to the desktop instead of those dreaded tiles. At the shop people are bringing in their Win8's and having them reloaded with 7 daily. I have no problem with it on tablets or phones in a non work related scenario.

  13. Anonymous

    While I don't have Windows 8{I'm using Windows 7},I did install Internet Explorer 11,which is what Windows 8 uses.I ended up having to uninstall it and go back to IE 10.What Microsoft doesn't tell you about IE 11 is that the option to disable tabbed browsing has been taken away.With IE 11,you have no choice but to take it.I read on another Microsoft blog that Microsoft deliberately did this and will not change it{at least not in this version}.They believe Microsoft did this because since IE 11 is used with Windows 8,using tabbed browsing would make sense for tablet users.This is not the case for laptop and desktop users however{I also was having problems with my e-mails as well — everything cleared up when I uninstalled IE 11}.It is reported that Microsoft is already working on Windows 9,which is supposed to address these issues for laptop and desktop users{their core users}.Lets hope that's the case.

  14. Anonymous

    I have tried to upgrade from 8.0 Pro to 8.1 Pro  at least 6 times and every time it gets to 50% and starts over at 0%. The last time I let it run for 3 days andf finally just gave up. I have tried to find a solution on the internet with no luck.

  15. Anonymous



    Provide an easy download link for people to go from Windows 8 to WIndows 8.1 that has a start menu. If not, than stop making things worse. Thanks for listening.


    Sorry, but Microsoft has the same Corporate attitude that caused the ignition switch debacle at GM. Taking history into account, it appears unfortunately; that Microsoft is the author of that Corporate attitude and the likelihood of change is:


  16. Anonymous

    Thank you for always keeping your customers on the cutting edge of everything we do! Thanks again.

  17. Anonymous

    Frankly, I'm TERRIFIED of 8.1 !!! I bought my new Computer 12 months ago & had enough issues getting used to & finding Drivers for Win 8. But then not long after 8.1 was released & I foolishly thought that it might have all of the bugs fixed…….Turned out it was almost UN-USABLE !!!! When I phoned the Tech Support Dept for my brand Computer they told me that they were recommending NOT to download 8.1…..

    Have been wondering lately (now 12 months later) if problems have been resolved….I've gotten used to Win 8 & haven't had too many problems but am reluctant to try it again as I now use this Computer to work from home & any down time will cast money BIG time….

    What's the consensus out there? do I try t again????

  18. Anonymous

    All very well, but In d/l win 8.1 I  found some sites do-not recognise it so had to do a recovery to a earlier date.

  19. Anonymous

    I an sick of listening to all the knockers especially from people who should Know.Whats this about the start button ,get over it, and move on , Windows 8.1 has everything you could wish for and is a solid program, it has something that resembles the start button.

  20. Anonymous

    I wish to see a stand alone updater for Windows 8, that upgrade the computer to Windows 8.1 like we did in the past, update a PC using a Service Pack for the version of Windows installed is really more simple… not all people have time and speed to download the "BIG" update using internet.

  21. Anonymous

    I find that since my upgrade from Win 7 Ult. to Win 8.1 I have never had an image problem nor have I had any virus or mal ware issues. However there are several programs that are incompatible with the o/s but besides that the security updates are flawless as to help maintain system intregerty. I enjoy the App Store's newest changes. the o/s is fresh alive and moving where in the Win 7 UTL profile is not like this o/s. Windows phone 8.1 also integration works smoothly as well and all my important data is  kept in the cloud so I never lose any data. You can also make a back up image to the cloud as well. So overall my experience has been a positive one.  

  22. Anonymous

    When Microsoft fixes the System Image Backup I will move from 8 to 8.1 but not until then! At the moment for me it would be a backward step to move to 8.1 and not to have that feature working properly. I use the system image backup to DVD regularly as my primary backup.

  23. Anonymous

    I've been using 8.0, then 8.1 since it came out & think it's a great O/S. The Start screen is a significant improvement over the Start button. 8.1 is noticeably faster than Win 7 & just as stable. XP is archaic. The speed of 8.1 makes using it a no-brainer for folks using dial-up & non-fiber DSL. The learning curve for 8.1 is insignificant IF new users spend 10-15 minutes with the O/S's tutorial. You're helping users remain anachronisms instead of getting them involved in current technology.

  24. Anonymous

    Ditto! (All of the above) – I Have 10 G's of Memory.. and it still takes HOURS, after Finally Downloading 8.1 – It Will NOT INSTALL ! – Then I Get a Mandate UpDate to 8.1 eMail – I Do Not want to go thru The Store just to get to 8.1 🙁

  25. Anonymous

    So far I love Windows 8 phone.  I wish there were more Apps from Microsoft.  no arrows on the keypad.

    I got play with it on a desktop and it's smooth.  The search feature needs some work finding where certain utilities are.  The tiles are nice for touch, but not for a mouse.

    8.1 should still be categorized as beta testing.

  26. Anonymous

    I do not like Windows 8 and will continue to avoid updating to Windows 8.1. I agree that XP and Windows 7 were much, much, much easier to use, much, much less complicated, and much more user friendly.  

    Microsoft………please make my new computer able to install Windows 7, and for free since I felt forced to switch to Windows 8.

    Thank you, everyone, for your comments.

  27. Anonymous

    It is a shame and in fact a disgrace that Microsoft does not take any interest in the users views. Hello Bill Gates, where are you ?

  28. Anonymous

    thankyou you to all who have posted. I  have just tried to upgrade from Windows 7, to 8.1,  and got no where fast. I am quite computer illiterate and was feeling quite low til I read the above comments….now I realize that It may not be all me that is the problem. I will stick with Windows 7 for now. Thanks again.

  29. Anonymous


    "8.1 should still be categorized as beta testing."

    No, beta is to kind. Windows 8.1 should be catergorized as apha testing and not ready for normal users, which are about 98%. It is only for the 2% that are expert computer users.

    Only way it could be beta is if there is start menu.

  30. Anonymous

    I thought about upgrading to 8.1 from Windows starter but the screen resolution was not high enough on my (Samsung) pc to do it. Wonder if other people have found this.  

    Also, the pc I have runs quite slowly and I am told it might be a hardware problem but I have run some checks on  the hardware, and the updates to the drivers are all ok, and  I have it on automatic updates for drivers also. The hard disc is not anywhere near full. Maybe too many programs are loaded, but I am confused: Why would it run so slowly? There does not seem to be anything wrong with the hardware, drivers, updates, memory.

    So, it seems that the infrastructure of the Samsung does not easily support the Windows 7 starter operating system, if I am correct, whereas HP, for example, does. I asked about this and was told that Samsung have stopped selling such pcs now. At least, this was what was conveyed to me when I asked for suggestions as to why Windows starter runs so slowly. Could this be correct? I said I would ask MIcrosoft, but maybe someone has some information on this they could give me instead? I am sure I have got it wrong, as it does not sound right at all. Can anyone help?

    My question is this: I have Windows starter, running on a Samsung pc and it is very slow. Why? Is it the software that needs upgrading? Or is it a fault in the hardware as was suggested to me when I asked about it. But, as I said, there seems nothing wrong with the pc. Everything reports normal. Can anyone help?

    Katrina Wood

  31. Anonymous

    8.1 loaded automatically during last night and seems fine on my64 bit  home pc – so far…………….

    However, I do agree with some of the sentiments regarding MS shown above.  They almost never launch a good working product and their so called 'Help' pages are worthless

    The forced change from Hotmail to Outlook is a prime example – and the way they handle Skype communications is totally useless/  For Skype all one gets is information on how to BUY  BUY  BUY — MS care little for the user  ONLY their Lord and God —   'MONEY'  'MONEY'  'MONEY'  and 'MORE MONEY'

  32. Anonymous

    I just recently (2) weeks received a Dell 23 inch monitor with 8.1. I am no where near educated as the previous people who made comments. I only bought a new desktop bc it had XP and I figured it was no longer usable. I own a laptop with WIN 7. I prefer a desktop, therefore the purchase. I also own an I-pad about 1 year old. I did notice in trying to set-up 2 email accounts was different. Have only been on it twice. From reading comments I feel I have made mistake with my purchase. I have a friend I will show this to, to get his opinions on what others have said. I appreciate any suggestions of what I should do bc with QVC I have 30 days to return. As said, I have no idea if purchase is good or not due to fact it came loaded with 8.1, no updates. Hate to make financial mistake if there are better options. Will be checking. Thanks

  33. Anonymous

    I have installed Windows 8 Pro on a notebook which no longer functions properly — evidently because the screen is far too small (5"x 8 3/4")

    Any ideas?

    Or is there any way to remove Windows 8 and revert to the previous XP ?

  34. Anonymous

    I have a tablet that has Win 8.1 installed. I like it better when it's in Metro mode. Unfortunately, the virtual keyboard is incapable of the flexibility of either the iOS or Android keyboards. It also lacks in the number of apps as well. On my desktop running Win 8.1, I prefer to run in desktop mode. Metro keeps poking its nose in the way and is quite annoying. It would be nice to lock either mode in place on a given device so the other mode doesn't raise its ugly head. Get me more apps and clone the android keyboard and I would be happy.

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