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Product support for Windows XP ended in April. Moving forward this means that Windows XP based-systems will not receive security updates.

Find out if your computer is running Windows XP. If it is, you might be able to upgrade your computer, or buy a new one.

If you buy a new computer, learn how to move your files, photos, and more for free.

We’ve worked with Laplink to provide you with free data transfer. Laplink PCmover Express for Windows XP is an easy way to move your files, settings, and user profiles from your old computer running Windows XP to your new PC.

Download the free version of PCmover Express to get started

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  1. Anonymous

    How to move files form WIndows 8 back to Windows XP?

    Windows 8 is dificult to work with. I want to move my files back to Windows XP. How to remove windows 8 and put Windows Xp back? Please help me.

  2. Anonymous

    This item states XP.What is my situation when i have vista

  3. Anonymous

    please my windows not work well olease i need your help

  4. Anonymous

    Why would you not just use windows easy transfer?

  5. Anonymous

    W M

    Change hard drives and load XP into the new one. I had to reinstall XP on a new drive and MS did activate it for me. Save all your documents with .doc on a memory stick to transfer your files. If you upgraded MS word, I'm not sure if they will work in an older version. I loaded word 97 into Win 8 and it worked fine in all the functions I've tried. Same with Excel 97.

    If none of this is possible, investigate using XP within Robolinux. I'm still working on that so can't help you on that.

  6. Anonymous

    W M

    I don't believe you'll get any help via this source. I tried and it didn't get posted.

  7. Anonymous

    i think this wont work with new OS , i am trying to transfer files from existing windows 8 to new system with windows 8, if anyone find the solution please let me know.

    at least we used to have "windows easy transfer" in windows 7 saying  but in windows 8.1 we just have an option to retrieve from old Operating systems to windows 8, but we cant do Windows 8 to windows 8

    please introduce this option

  8. Anonymous

    I hate windows 8. When my word files were moved, they were impossible to open and use. If I hadn't invested money in this new computer, I would migrate to Apple.

  9. Anonymous

    Donna, I did migrate to Apple. Best decision I ever made.

  10. Anonymous

    Disgusted with 8

    How to move the hard drive?

  11. Anonymous

    I hate windows 8 and so does my wife. This last update on June 10 has got this pc so messed up. takes forever to load and also web pages will stick not responding!!!! it say's and then closes it !!!!! what a total mess!!!!! about ready to go apple myself

  12. Anonymous

    I had windows 8 and hated it so used my old laptop or my desktop with 7 on it. Then they offered the free up grade to windows 8.1. So I up graded. This is much better and I can do everything I do on the other systems with the 8.1 system.

  13. Anonymous

    Yea, I've stated many times that I hate W8 for desktops.

    I'm slowly learning it, but miss my XP and W7 interfaces something terrible.

    I thought that W8.1 was going to give me something like a XP/7 Gui.

    I don't see it.

    Still not happy.

    The charms annoy the heck out of my wife.

  14. Anonymous

    … Guess I'll leave my Vista box as Vista or convert to LINUX. Can't buy XP, can't afford (or buy?) W7

  15. Anonymous

    Move to Ubuntu or another Linux(especially if your hardware is oldish…..).

    Investigate on web , its not that diffficult, or get someone to do it for you who is savvy enough

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