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  1. Anonymous

    Understand MicroSoft doesn't update any XP programs recently. Can I get one update until save enough for new computer? New installment of HP printer not working  Please advise.

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Eve,

    I have a security issue and perhaps you can help or know where to direct me. I have an email account associated with my msn account that is not mine now. I was asked a while ago to update msn account info and updating/changing email addresses was an option. I honestly can't remember if I did make the new email address now associated with my account and it was compromised later on, or I somehow accidentally associated the account of someone else's. now that I am trying to recover my old msn account info this new email address is the only option to send a security code to. I've tried signing into this new account, but I don't know the password to it,  and when I review options to retrieve the password none of the options are in English or look familiar. Ideas?    

  3. Anonymous

    Add a 6th suggestion: Try not to use the same password everywhere!

    @H J: You areout of luck. Microsoft won't help you as they don't supply drivers for HP printers – HP does. HP may not help you now since Microsoft killed Win XP support, others such as HP follow and also won't support Windows XP. Search the 'net.

  4. Anonymous

    I've had trouble the last 3 days, and this is so maddening, because I 've had problems for and paid many and then it doesn't work on for a little while and then when you really need it it doesn't work right. I 'd like to throw the piece of!! I'm a full time college student, and talk about frustrating.  

  5. Anonymous

    Hello Eve

     Can you help me? I keep getting lock out of MS account. Why is MS closing my account? I lost an account that I had for over 10 years because of secuirty feature the MS add. Why did this new fetaure locked me out?

    I do not have a cell phone so I can not receive text message on my phone. How am  I to get code to unlock account? Do I need to ask my phone company to give text message to me when I give them phone? Please help me. I have important emails in the account. Or could you unlock the account with your cell phone and than let me know if it is fix? Please any advice will be great.

  6. Anonymous

    I recently had a phone stolen.  My phone remains log into hotmail.  takes 30 days to change password…..WHY AM I UNABLE TO LOG OUT OF OTHER DEVICES.  

  7. Anonymous

    Hi my account is locked for a week; tell me they would send a code to my alternate accounts and these also blocked me; I was asked for my phone number; I give them and I do not receive any text and tell me to try again later which are technical problems; even when I expected.

    Please help URGENT need my emails

  8. Anonymous


    My MSN live ID was hacked and it was blocked and I am trying to recover my account but every time I am failed.

    Please help me to get back my Live ID. All my contact details, email and everything is saved there from since 28 September 2002.

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Eve,

    I just received an email from

    With a "receipt" for something I never bought.

    Are you familiar with this scam?  What should I do?

    Do you have an email address I can forward this to you at for closer inspection?



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