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Support for Windows XP has ended

Microsoft has provided support for Windows XP for the past 12 years. But the time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources toward supporting more recent technologies so that we can continue to deliver great new experiences.

As a result, technical assistance for Windows XP will no longer be available, including automatic updates that help protect your PC. Microsoft will also stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP on this date. (If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, you will continue to receive antimalware signature updates for a limited time, but this does not mean that your PC will be secure because Microsoft will no longer provide security updates to help protect your PC.)

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  1. Anonymous

    With 4 PC,s running WinXP I am appalled That you will not  provide an update path to Win 7.   Like many other people world wide I do not like Win 8 or 8.1 Bring back Win 7 to the Software sellers  or face worldwide acrimony.   As a micro company we do not have the resources to buy new as you suggest.   Think about it

  2. Anonymous

    Hate to see you go. but I've lost better things

    So be gone and have a good time!

  3. Anonymous

    You need to bring XP back. 

  4. Anonymous

    Please be aware!!! I recieved an e mail that looked like it came from you people on Apr. 08 (paretologic Microsoft) It mentioned Microsoft many times @ offered ways to make XP safe. I bought it. $69.95 @ got into a nightmare. The people compleatly froze my computer @ bounced me back & forth from reimage plus to asaptechhelp. this went on for over three hrs & finnaly I was to call 888-844-3886 for a refund. I called three times only to leave a message & finnaly wes able to talk to someone this AM @ 7:00. I hope microsoft will take note of this possible fraud. Thank you K L Stone

  5. Anonymous

    Yea  as long as you keep making a profit some where don't worry about us old fogies who cant get use to change

  6. Anonymous

    My XP went black when it started this morning.  It shows one of those little hourglass things as though it is in the process of … what?

  7. Anonymous

    Will updating my XP, to Widows 8, solve my security problem?  Also, is Windows 8 much more difficult to work with?

    How much will the upgrading cost me?   Thank you

  8. Anonymous

    Why not continue MS security essentials?  Some systems just can't be upgraded to Win 7 or 8 for an acceptable cost and there is no automatic upgrade path available.  Some key hardware doesn't run above XP, a costly issue.

  9. Anonymous

    When is Microsoft going back to using Hotmail ???  Outlook has to be the most worst email system yet !  Some much that is wrong !!!

  10. Anonymous

    Will re-think before buying any of your products,,, your profits show that there is NO reason to stop providing support… greed is the answer!  Mac's are looking better and better everyday!

    YOU could provide the NEXT generation upgrade of OS system for FREE to PC users who still have XP, have you thought of that?????

  11. Anonymous

    I will buy a new computer,but will not use windows microsoft

  12. Anonymous

    Migrate to Linux,works better and is cheaper.

  13. Anonymous

    I am a retired IT-professional using XP, W7 and W8

    XP is in my opinion the best OS microsoft ever had. The newer versions of these OS are as flexible as a rock.

    Out of the box for novices W7/W8 is perfect but any professional might think otherwise.

    So why so many XP still exist is in my view no surprise at all…

    MS should think twice…  

  14. Anonymous

    This is aweful. I have loved using XP and HATE Windows 8. It is the Worst operating system EVER!! XP is probably the best and you won't continue to support it.

  15. Anonymous

    Windows XP was a good operating system.  Too bad Microsoft is watching its money so closely, and trying to force people to download another operating system.  I now have Windows 7 and that is good, but I tried Windows 8 at one point and did not like it at all so I switched back to Windows 7.  Some people may not want to switch.  What do they do then???   All about the big corporations and making the most money no matter what customers may want.

  16. Anonymous

    How does this affect XP running second level under Win 7 Pro?

    Win 7 will still take care of 'overall' security and all will be OK if XP is denied network access?

    If I am correct in that assumption would this also apply when XP 32 Bit is a companion system (Dual Boot) to Win 7 Pro 64 Bit.  In this case XP exists only because it is 32 Bit and needs direct access to some hardware.  Here also, the XP system does not need network access.

    As good as XP was, time to move on.

  17. Anonymous

    I cant see why the hungry people couldn't have left XP alone and upgraded it in a manorable fashion for all of us common folks who need just something simple….It took me years to figure out Windows XP and still dont know enough about it but what I do know is you can take 7 and 8 and shove it…….There still are a lot of us dumb ones out there probably millions that were very happy with WINDOWS XP….The spider game (example) ***** with what ya did to it and solitare alone!…You're geting tooooo complicated with a lota **** us down to earth people dont need.  Security is a must but I'm dam well sure you could have come up with a few extras on XP that would have taken care of that….and Gates one more thing quit farming out these companies for Microsoft…They're rip offs and a few have messed my programs up..Hire more people in the know and keep Microsoft a legend…I know you dont need the money   so do it anyway…Bring XP BACK under it's original intent and I know you can make it more SECURE without geting so dam complicated…PLEASE………

  18. Anonymous

    Thank you for disabling a good working expensive system,which is useless and worthless now!

  19. Anonymous

    I have a lap top with Windows 8.1 and nothing from my most used programs works properly on it. I find it most frustrating. This is an unfair attempt to force people to buy a new inferioir system. All you will do is drive people back to APPLE

  20. Anonymous

    I think I will just remove all sensitive data, junk my computer, and buy a Mac.

  21. Anonymous

    Loved Windows XP, hate Windows 8. Bought my computer with XP about 5 yrs. ago. Now it's obsolete and to continue its use safely you make me pay another $119. to upgrade. That's just wrong!!  Will probably quit using my computer and start using my IPad only. Thanks for making the lives of us seniors more difficult and even more expensive than it already is!

  22. Anonymous

    Considering the staggering number of computers using XP – +/- 30% – your action is ill advised.

    In fact, most of the State of Connecticut's computers systems are XP, and it is struggling to fill the unnecessary gap created by MSN's  precipitous action.

    If I had wanted to 'upgrade' to Windows 8, I would have done so on my own.

    Similarly, I had no immediate plans for a new PC.

    So, MSN wants to force change and 'progress' by abandoning XP.

    I wonder how many people will also change to Apple as an expression of their gratitude.

  23. Anonymous

    I've looked at WIN-8 and do NOT like its look nor feel. That said, I'm OK with WIN-7.

    I have older WIN-XP machines and cannot afford hardware upgrades at this time.

    I use AVG anti-viral & internet protection software on all of my machines: both WIN-XP & WIN-7 OS's.

    What to do [least costly] now that MS WIN-XP OS updates are no longer available?

  24. Anonymous

    I have several pc's running XP … some business and some personal applications.  I am very upset that the currently existing downloads for XP are no longer available.  I can understand the need for Microsoft to halt creating "new" support downloads, but shutting off access to the existing ones is NOT acceptable.  For example, one of my pc's is strictly for semi-professional video production.  There is no reason for me to upgrade that pc to Win 7 or higher because it serves my purpose just as it is right now … with the possible exception of some Win updates I may not currently have.  Or perhaps I may find it necessary to upgrade to the next XP service pack at some point in the future due to a software update.  PLEASE turn back on the access to the existing XP updates!!

    Thank you,

    Ron Thayer



  25. Anonymous

    Dear MSDN,

    Thank you for this advisement; although, I am now unsure just what to do for security.  My computer is not new; however, I have taken excellent care of it and do not want to replace it now.  Please advise me as to your recommendation for security for my hardware and software.  I live in Italy.  I am a citizen of the USA and have family in the USA, Europe, Africa and Asia.  I need security.  Presently, I receive automatic updates which I regulerly install.  I also have Norton antivirus.  Please advise via email asap.  

    Again, thank you for your excellence through the years.

  26. Anonymous

    Is is possible to talk with a HUMAN about being locked out of one of my accounts, please??????

    Repeatedly, I've asked for the "code" to be sent to my alternate email addy (since MON morn), but it doesn't show-up

    there.  Thank you.  

  27. Anonymous

    Microsoft, take note:

    Killing Windows XP Wastes Billions

  28. Anonymous

    Will windows xp firewall still be effective?

  29. Anonymous

    Goodbye Windows-XP……. Well, goodbye PC's and Microsoft, forever!……. Hello Apple Mac. Lets face it, it's just overall superior to any Windows based product!

  30. Anonymous

    It is not very easy for OAP to buy a new computer let alone buy new software, our Old age pension just can;t stretch to buying any of it. I think you will find that many old fold including will to to the risk of without updates or put our PCs in the trash. So I hope you are happy with your profiteering and greed…

  31. Anonymous

    In the 20 years I have used Microsoft products the company has always launched an OS and never supported it once they launched an OS three up from that one.  This approach is just the same, making people upgrade.  That's why Micro$oft makes money.

  32. Anonymous

    "find out what to do if your computer is running Windows XP"

    This blog doesn't tell you what to do. Epic Failure!

  33. Anonymous

    I have already updated to Windows 7 but I felt like I lost a good friend when I let XP go.  It was the best program ever and much easier to use than Windows 7.  Windows Live Mail is the pits and I have not found any one to help with it.  I am not hearing anything good about Windows 8.  Give us something as good as XP was.

  34. Anonymous

    HI:  Now that Microsoft doesn't have MSE on XP's computer programs anymore, then in order to get another security service, I must get rid of the old MSE, but you don't show where to delete or remove this from the XP system – as my XP computer is old, I do not want to invest more money into it for your M8 upgrades.  Please help, as I cannot install another antivirus program until MSE is removed.  Sorry, but I just cannot find where to delete this MSE…  

    Thank You

  35. Anonymous

    I think it is a big mistake. This proven warrior is still the best around. I think you dumped too much into 8 and hope to come out smelling like a rose. I don't think you can or will. Keep XP. It serves great many nations and people.

  36. Anonymous

    Will other programs such as Kapersky  Pure 3.0 be enough to keep my computer safe?

  37. Anonymous

    I bought an XP computer from HP Direct in January 2010. Nobody was talking about ending XP. What a bag over the head.

  38. Anonymous

    How can I determine whether I am running XP on my desktop at home?

  39. Anonymous

    Considering the number of people still using XP, you should continue to offer them security updates. Stop any improvement updates but assure their security. I have a laptop with Windows 8.1 (originally 8.0) and I do not like it. My other laptop with Windows 7 is much preferred over that with 8.1 As a result, my plan is to NOT buy another Microsoft product until user friendliness has improved.

  40. Anonymous

    I guess we have to switch to Apple then.

  41. Anonymous

    I am sopping for an Apple.

    No more of this stuff.


  42. Anonymous

    It is a damned shame that you will no longer support XP. This make me want to change all my systems to Apple.

  43. Anonymous

    What a windfall for Microsoft, computer manufacturers and tech support companies!

    Windows 8 and Microsoft 2013 are NOT user friendly!

  44. Anonymous

    I understand that Microsoft will continue to provide updates/security patches for large organizations for an annual fee.

    If their engineers must do the work to provide security for these organizations, why not offer those the security patches to individuals like me as I would be happy to pay an annual fee for same. Seems like it would be a winner for all ….Microsoft would make money and some four million users of XP would be grateful. Please think about it…

  45. Anonymous

    I myself am very upset that Microsoft will not be supporting XP/ MS Office 2003 any longer.  I feel it is very wrong of Microsoft to stop these updates.  XP / MS 2003 are products of Microsoft and regardless of the year/age of the OS/MS Office they should continue to support their products.  Very, very upset with Microsoft.  I don't think I will ever buy a product from Microsoft ever again and I will encourage my family/friends/students not to as well.

  46. Anonymous

    I agree with everything written above.  XP has been so good.  My computer has been upgraded to Windows 7 which is just okay, not near as friendly as XP BUT….my poor old husband (77) has just lost his computer due to XP closing down and is quite distressed at the fact that we (old aged pensioners)  have to save up to upgrade his computer then he has to try and learn the new system.. NOT HAPPY.  Also because XP has closed down and has Microsoft Security Essentials installed that is the end of being protected so can't do anything on the web.  Of all the systems I have used XP has been exceptional.  Just hope Windows 7 will be around for a long time as with Windows 8 will have to also upgrade all the Microsoft Office products as well.  Prices are just out of reach for us 'oldies'

  47. Anonymous

    Yeh its called 'cartelling ' it.Not only that but you have allowed and encouraged companies like HP to tie up with you and when you buy a new machine you are FORCED to get them with the new system. This is against the anti trust laws and undoubtedly MS will be hauled for it and well deserve it too.

  48. Anonymous

    I will use my xp machine as long as it keeps working.  I will just not go online with it.  I bought another machine to go onlike with.  Funny thing the windows 8.1 doesn't work as well as the XP did.  It gets stuck and does things you never ask it to do.

  49. Anonymous

    To the people of no support:

    You were warned about this for the past couple of years, and yet you still come here begging for MS to continue support… Give it a break please. You are embossing yourselves.

    XP no longer meets today's and tomorrows technology needs. In order for MS to continue support for this dinosaur of an OS, they must invest lots of cash, and that cash is better served invested in tomorrows technologies rather than yesterdays…

    Get a grip, bite the bullet and do yourself a favor and invest in technologies that are normal in todays society… Learn something new for once-You once had to learn XP (that was 12-13 years ago), now learn something new.

    Learn Windows 8.1 (with the update). Stop listening to the pundits… Going Apple is not the answer either. They also stop support for their OS's. In fact, they stop support faster the MS does.

    By the way, I am a small business owner, who owns and supports Apple and MS products. My business has Mac's, WinXP (will be upgrading these this weekend-w/Win8), Win7, and Win8 systems.

    There are lots of cheap systems out there with good specs that will run the new OS (Win8).

    XP was great, but now it's time for Windows 8!!!

  50. Anonymous

    Reading the comments about someone switching to Apple because Microsoft has stopped supporting XP is rather humorous. And not a very accurate comparison.

    Go out and get a 12 year old version of the Mac operating system and see how much support and how many updates you can get for that.

    Also check to see if a 12 year old Mac OS would run on any current hardware or if you would need 10-12 year old hardware to run the 12 year old Mac OS.

  51. Anonymous

    Colour me gone. I'm going to apple.

  52. Anonymous

    Everything comes to an end. Pity Microsoft didn't do anything about it before. Beware the mighty apple

  53. Anonymous

    I agree. But, we need to move into the new century ,although belatedly.

    That's why apple are winning and I'm not surprised.

    Apple Customer services are far better too in my experience. Pity, Microsoft , get it together.

  54. Anonymous

    This really Stinks. Some people can't afford to buy Windows 8 or a new PC.

  55. Anonymous

    I have tried Windows Vista and 7 but I always return to XP.

    I have been operation pc's since the days of DOS.

    XP. Is still the best OS available

  56. Anonymous


    Thanks Microsoft. I can't afford a New PC or for that matter, Windows 8.

  57. Anonymous

    It's not just the cost of a new PC needed in most cases. It's the cost of new software too. When I bought a quad core W-7 PC I spent more money on software upgrades than I did on the PC. This is because most of the program that ran on XP do not run on Win 7&8. That's other part that really sucks.

    I have to keep an XP machine running offline for some legacy hardware and software that is not available for win 7&8.



    Thanks Microsoft. Many people can't afford a New PC or for that matter, Windows 8.

  59. Anonymous

    Too bad Microsoft. Many comments are right on. It's all about making more money and who cares about the users. The Windows XP is one of the better operating system the Microsoft ever developed and has enough bells and whistles the majority users will  ever need. I guess the only way to convince the Microsoft will be to vote with our feet and graduate to Apple Mac.

  60. Anonymous

    We are on fixed pensions. Our older Sony vaio won't handle win 8.1…..if I am forced to purchase a new computer, you can bet your sweet petutie it won't be windows based……..Here I come, APPLE!!…….Microsoft, you've really ***** over seniors on fixed incomes this time……?

  61. Anonymous

    Just more corporate greed:  I read 30% of pcs are still XP, many of them used by small businesses. Windows 8 & Vista are crap, & 7 is ok, but how long before they get rid of 7. I now have to scrap my laptop (not enough space to upgrade to 7), & just use my desktop w/7. May be time to look at Apple.

  62. Anonymous

    On your vote, over 50% of the people are still running XP so it really sucks that you are shafting at least over half of your customers.  8 is a complete bust–it's only for the gamers and has nothing to do with normal folks or normal businesses that need to run workhorse programs that last longer than a few years.  You say you supported XP for 12 years, but most of the people who bought it didn't buy it 12 years ago.  I have grown tired of the constant updates and these products changes were you purposely discontinue the older version, forcing everyone to buy new in order to run anything.  At least when the car companies discontinue a model they still sell the parts for the old models and they still have service departments at their dealerships.  Microsoft has become a model of how NOT to treat one's customers.  Next time Apple.

  63. Anonymous

    I work with computers, so I am fairly familiar with Vista, Windows 7….started out with Windows 3.1, then Windows 95, skipped ME. I really like my Win XP machine. It works good, is reliable, and runs ALL the programs I need for my work. I plan to keep my XP machine up and running as long as it continues to work. I will increase my security, but I will not dump my perfectly good computer until I am good and ready. Considering the huge number of people still running Windows XP because they LIKE IT and because it is reliable and user-friendly, it's a shame Microsoft decided to dump the updates.

  64. Anonymous

    Microsoft, if we can free upgrade to Windows 7?

  65. Anonymous

    Without the ability to purchase a new computer, what are we suppose to do???

  66. Anonymous

    Latest Windows format is useless to me.  XP worked just fine.  Maybe I need to look into Apple?

  67. Anonymous

    Funny all the bashing of Windows 8 and saying your going to Mac… go ahead! If you think Windows 8 isn't user friendly just wait until you spend all that money on a Mac to just sit in the corner because you don't understand how to use it! Face it XP is ancient and has over stayed its' welcome!  Apple does the same thing with its OS so I don't know what you think your going to gain by switching to Mac!

  68. Anonymous

    good by xp, hello apple.

  69. Anonymous

    you guys have no respect for the customers . you suck. going to buy a Mac.fof. Xp is the best OS you ever made.Ever

  70. Anonymous

    What a philosophy.  Profit over the people.

  71. Anonymous

    Windows 7 (which should still be available on Amazon or e-bay) should be a  good upgrade for XP users – the learning curve is not steep – and I'm 65 years old!  Anyway, IMHO, Microsoft made a good decision in ending XP support. It is an OLD OS, and needs to be retired.

  72. Anonymous

    It's not just that I hate change. It's not just that my limited computer knowledge makes it hard to feel good about a new computer purpose. I have resisted updating my old computer because I hear nothing but bad things about each "update". I have been told that windows 8 is not at all user friendly and that I do not want it. Might have to look into a Mac.  

  73. Anonymous

    Dear Microsoft,

    I have XP PCs without internet connection, no need new release of software  (old software version is sufficient enough) not much use of USB (scan every time I use it), only have network connection amoung those XP PCs, and I have clone backup of their harddisk (Can re-install or rollback anytime I want). I think I can survive with out new XP update, right ?

  74. Anonymous

    Anyone wonder why so many of us are switching to Apple???

  75. Anonymous

    Where are the security tips?

  76. Anonymous

    If you like xp noone is saying you to dump it.if you want to continue to use an os based on technology twelve years ago you can do it. I'm a satisfied user of new windows platform. I've changed, just a little to learn how to use the new os. If you are using the mobile phone you was using twelve years ago you have to ask yourself some question: same for the os.

    Stop crying and follow technology improvements

  77. Anonymous

    Before stop the service they should stop the sales of prduct at least 4-5 year before so that most of new users has been updated with newest version.

  78. Anonymous

    please put xp on my desk top. i just need  it for my medical. please tell me what to do.

  79. Anonymous

    @Andrew, to determine if you are running XP, you want to access the System Information. To do this, click the Start Button, then select in this order All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, then System Information. You will see WinXP as your OS.If you are running Win 7, click the Start Button, then select in this order System & Security, then System where you will see See the Name of This Computer. When you click that you will see Win7 as your OS.

    @anna sain, To remove MSE, click the Start Button, select Control Panel, then click the Add or Remove Programs icon which opens the utility. Scroll down and you will see MSE listed as Microsoft Security Essential posted in the Currently Installed Programs list, click on that, then click the Change/Remove button. Follow any prompts the utility presents to perform the uninstall. Once complete, click the Close button to close the utility.

    MS doesn't typically reply to these blogs, you probably could have found your answer(s) by searching Google/Bing, but I used XP for almost 10 years, now using Win7, so I remember the processes. HTH!

  80. Anonymous

    Thank goodness for my IPad.

  81. Anonymous

    How difficult can it be to keep updating XP? Not very! What you do is forcing people to get a new computer with the Hated Windows 8. I have more than one computer. One of the Computers I have has windows 8 and I really hate it, so I use my other computers and I want to be able to use them, because I have programs that I use only on these computers.

    I hope there will be a big protest against stopping the support for XP. 12 Years is no time, if you have updated and bought extra power for your computer. And it is just bad style to force people to dump their computers after 12 years.

  82. Anonymous

    I don't understand?  When something works as well as the XP system, why change?  Kinda sounds like ObamaCare to me.  Windows 8 is being forced down our throats.  I don't like that and now Microsoft is forcing me over to Apple. If I am going to have to spend limited funds, why not cross the bridge once!!  What if in two years, after I were to purchase a new PC, Microsoft wanted to change things to Windows 9 or 10 or 11?

    Good by XP and good by Microsoft.

    Like ObamaCare, I don't have too much of a choice$$$$$$$$$

    Merry Christmas Microsoft, it was a great ride with XP.

  83. Anonymous

    MS products get worse and worse computer stores say don't buy 8.And the poor person locked out of his e-m ,It's impossible to get any help and if you eventually do you can't use it for 30days, security reason they're loopy. This is the only disorganisation that makes it so difficult to retrieve a password.

  84. Anonymous

    And you sensor comments, in line with the co's dictatorial attitude.

  85. Anonymous

    Try and post a comment and win 7 stops useless OS.

  86. Anonymous

    I use xp because most of the diagnostic software was designed with xp. some of the software I use is not compatible with win 7 or 8. thanks Microsoft for putting the screws to that.

  87. Anonymous

    This has been news for at least a good year now. You all have had plenty of time to prepare. Instead you wait til the last minute and then complain about it. I think u got ur moneys worth on xp. Its time to say goodbye now. Say it with dignity.

  88. Anonymous

    I have a  Toshiba lap top running on XP but I cannot upgrade to win 7 as there are no drivers Do . I have to throw away the laptop when microsoft discontinue to support XP/

  89. Anonymous

    TRY THIS PEOPLE – a cheap way to replace your xp with win 7 for 100.00 , first download windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if your system can handle win 7. If so use  also download windows 7 easy transfer it will download all setiings documents photos, but not software and programs. Just do your research before you do this, this is a clean install on your xp system,,,,,,,,,,,, there are links below.

    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 32bit (OEM) System Builder DVD 1 Pack (New Packaging)

  90. Anonymous

    micro soft   I HAVE A SUGGESTION – Why don't you offer after an upgrade to win 8 , but have the option for

    CLASSIC VIEW( Windows xp)  or NEW VIEW   , This would be a great option for users  who are not computer savvy. In turn you have happy users.

  91. Anonymous

    I have been running windows since WFW 3.11.  I have bought almost every version of Windows – Windows for Workgroups 3.11,  95, 98, 98SE, ME (fail!!), 2K, XP, Vista, and now 8 and 8.1!  The only one I didn't get was 7 as it was slightly worse than Vista.

    Moving to Apple is not as straightforward as people seem to think, not only because software designed for MS won't run on Apple's kit, but there are many of the same problems as with Windows, i.e. OS updates are free for minor upgrades, but come at a cost for major changes, Also certain software which runs on an earlier version of the OS won't run on later versions, and things are no better the other way round – newer software won't run on older versions of Apple's OS.

    THERE IS A SOLUTION, and it is something I have done for several years now – install Linux.  It's free, has a massive choice of software which in many cases is capable of the same tasks as windows programs, even games are being ported to Linux.

    Linux is easy to get to grips with for anyone used to using a mouse and a GUI such as Windows.  It is constantly being updated at no cost to the end user.  The big problem with Linux is the lack of support.  That is not to say there is none, it is just not as user-friendly as MS or Apple.

    I understand the thinking behind 8.1, but as we all know, it is a major FAIL.  The idea that PCs look and feel the same as tablets and smartphones is crazy because a computer is so much more powerful than smaller devices and are required to perform different tasks – who in their right mind would write a PhD dissertation on a smartphone?

    The old saying keeps coming back to me – if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  XP is, sorry, WAS a brilliant operating system.

    I know there are reasons why XP had to go, but did MS really have to mess with the front end?  Couldn't MS have produced W8 with the same look and feel of XP?  Just because the underlying code is no longer robust and secure enough for modern times is no reason to produce something that looks like a dog's breakfast in bright primary colours.

    That's it.  Rant over.  (for now!).

  92. Anonymous

    I really like XP as an operating system.  I hate to see it go.  It worked great even on 512M of RAM.  Too bad you can't make a personal or home version that doesn't require new software and hardware.  I can see constant change in a professional environment, but at home people like to spend money more wisely.  At home we aren't launching rockets or splitting atoms.  Most just browse the Internet and read email.  You need a personal or home software that can adjust to changes without any major hardware or software changes.  Definitely offer choices, but some people are on a fixed income.  XP was running fine on my Dad's PC, but Win 7 or 8 will cause him to buy new hardware and learn new software.  Personal PCs should have a personal option away from the Business Workstations that require constant upgrade.  I may have to move him to Ubuntu.  Darn, when I retire, I may have to switch to Ubuntu.

  93. Anonymous

    Enough! Microsoft have lost the plot. Windows 8 and the latest Office are awful, geeky and non-productive. Time for us all to move on, perhaps to Apple if you are rich, but better to Linux and all their FREE offerings. Who in the World would drop support for their most successful product except Microsoft and expect us all to work they way they want us to. They have forgotten the Golden Rule, Customers come first.

  94. Anonymous

    Don't like Windows 7, loathe 8, Vista was rubbish, so bought an Apple today!! As I've added something extra, delivery is 2 weeks.. Alas I have to put up with nightmare threat  of attack until then oh groooo. Oh MIcrosoft you have lost a customer of about 20 years…its a bad show and about time you come up with something as good as XP.

  95. Anonymous

    For people looking for an XP replacement I recommend that you install one of the Linux OS's . As these are open source there is no cost and they are quite well suited to older computers , I have Linux Mint and others I know use Mepis.

    Much better than going over to Apple and their overpriced products.

  96. Anonymous

      I have Windows XP and have had it for several years.  Recently I had a problem with something hi-jacking my computer, and no one seemed to know what to do with it.  Even the tech (who spoke broken English and was not easy to understand)  told me I would have to call a tech ($$$$$$$)  for repairs.  I went to PCMatic and WHAT a difference!!!! They scanned my computer, and removed and repaired MANY problems, and made me a believer!!!  I paid $50 for a year's  automatic care,  and will probably always stick with them (Unless they start getting greedy, like many other companies)   I realize that companies like Microsoft have to make money,  but I say, take care of the clients you already have, and keep good customers.  and  IF IT AIN"T BROKE, DON"T FIX IT!!!!!!!!   When this old relic that I have depended on for so long goes to computer heaven,  I will go to MAC.  

  97. Anonymous

    Its not coming back so I would try looking into Microsoft Hosted Desktops as an alternative , do some Reading on your end

  98. Anonymous

    I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Many matured folks love how XP works. 12 years is nothing compared to people who are not able to purchase an updated program or computer that may crash at any given moment. I too, would like the essentials so come back to XP. If this was a lead to really find out the quality and quantity answers  well, you've outdone yourself.

  99. Anonymous

    XP was on very solid legs. The best thus far.

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