5 tips for sharing photos of family and friends

Last week we talked about the ever-increasing trend of uploading pictures to photo sharing and social media sites over the holidays. As you celebrate Thanksgiving this year in the United States, don’t forget about online privacy. Be careful what you post about yourself, but also be careful what you post about others. You might be more comfortable sharing photographs and personal details than your friends and family are.

Here are 5 tips for sharing more safely this holiday season

  1. Ask permission before you post a picture of someone else online. If the picture is of a minor, ask their parent or guardian.
  2. Talk with your friends about what you do and do not want to be shared. Ask them to remove anything that you do not want disclosed.
  3. Before you put anything online, think about what you are posting, who you are sharing it with, and how it will reflect on you and anyone included in the picture or post. Would all of you be comfortable if others saw it? Or saw it ten years from now?
  4. Make it clear to children that they should never say, text, or post anything that would hurt or embarrass someone.
  5. Assume that what you publish on the web is permanent. Anyone on the Internet can easily print out a blog post or save it to a computer.

For more information about online privacy, see Take charge of your online reputation.

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