Newer software can increase your computer security

This week we released volume 15 of the Security Intelligence Report (SIR), which covers our research on computer security, including software vulnerabilities, exploits, and malicious and potentially unwanted software.

One of the key findings to surface from the latest report is the increased risk of using old, unsupported software and emphasizes the positive impact of security innovations and technologies in newer software. Advanced security technologies in modern operating systems are specifically designed to make it more difficult, more complex, more expensive, and therefore, less appealing to cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities.

For more information, see New cybersecurity report details risk of running unsupported software.

For more information, see our Microsoft on the Issues blog post titled “New cybersecurity report details risk of running unsupported software.”

Support for Windows XP ends in April 2014

Windows XP was released almost 12 years ago, which is an eternity in technology terms. While we are proud of the success of Windows XP in serving the needs of so many people for more than a decade, inevitably there is a tipping point where dated software and hardware can no longer defend against modern-day threats and increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. 

If you’re still using Windows XP, you’re missing out on all kinds of enhancements to computer security, productivity, and performance that are available in Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Find out what end of support for Windows XP means to you.

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Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    We have received a phone call asking to control our computer.  They gave us a phone # of 1-866-329-8053 and said he was from microsoft.  I have not experienced any problems with my computer.  He also gave me an employee #MSX9934.  This does not make sense to me.  Does Microsoft call people out of the blue & tell them they need to control their computer to fix something.  He thinks someone had hacked by computer.  I think he wants to hack my computer.  Please get back to me & let me know.  johnlucas1927-email

  2. Anonymous

    I'm very much an amateur hobby user but we had this 3 years ago and were told it is a scam.

    Periodically  since then they ring-  just like all the other phone scammers and I tell them to get lost. My neighbour  also had it  some time ago. they never give up looking for someone to dupe!

    Beware all phone calls of this sort I say.

  3. Anonymous

    DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT even bother to talk to the person claiming to be from MS! This has caused many people severe harm. Microsoft Does NOT CALL! It's a scam that has been ongoing for quite some time. Try calling the numbers back-they are not legit! Notice the lack of English. Do not be a victim. Tell them to not call again as you are well aware this is a scam. Because the phone numbers aren't legit, the police and your phone carrier cannot help you. Never ever take an unsolicited phone call from anybody asking to have remote access to your computer. If you have, you better start monitoring your private financial info if you do any transactions online. Check your credit cards, bank account, ect. If you've been had you have to call and report what happened to you. It doesn't matter if your computer is still running fine! It's what was put on it that is the issue.


  4. Anonymous

    Oh that means that there are some scam  calls are getting to users. I have not gotten any such call and also beware in future.

  5. Anonymous

    Who doesn't care about security,I liked the article.thanks

  6. Anonymous

    You would be surprised how many calls come through.  I have received calls from California (repeatedly) telling me my browser was hacked; then one from Tennessee; the next from New York and then I received a pitch from my POP provider (which was not unreasonable, but expensive).  I have tried different anti-virus and/or Internet security products listed as the top ten with attendant statistics.  Any call for help ends up with a quote for a one year service agreement to fix "anything" remotely for $299 annual cost.  Strange conversations.  I do have Trend Micro on one PC, AVG on another, and I use Microsoft Security Essentials (free) and Windows Defender (free)  I expect none of the products are 100% error free after reading many security white papers.  Yes, hang up on the random, panic stricken phone calls and try to be judicious about your browsing and basic security warnings.  I admit to having succumbed to a scam or two, but I did catch that fact in time to stop major damage.  After 30 years as an IT professional, I can still be tricked, if I let stress overwhelm me.

  7. Anonymous

    I have been hacked by someone by the name of Brett MacPherson.  I have changed my password frequently and he is using my bank account to buy credits.  There must be another way that this guy can get into my account. He does not live around here he is able to use my account without using my picture.  The last time he used my account he charged my account 10.00.  I am really tired of this guy. Aside from changing my password can I do something to change my credit card number.  I am afraid that that will not work,  I heard that there is no way a person can totally close down the facebook account

  8. Anonymous

    Yes u can close down your facebook account fully also go to or ring your bank & change your credit cards or bank cards numbers tell the bank what has gone on & once your numbers have changed he will not have access to your card to use even change your log in number if you use banking on line.

    I hope that helps you Gary

  9. Anonymous

    You have so much information about computer. It is very nice too

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