Fake support phone calls could lead to identity theft

Patrick writes:

A person called and said my computer would no longer be supported by Microsoft. Is this true?

What Patrick describes sounds like a typical phone scam, designed to take advantage of the news that support for Windows XP will end in April 2014.

It’s true that if you are still using Windows XP, you should take action and upgrade to Windows 7 or Windows 8. After April 8, 2014, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates.

However, Microsoft is not calling people on the phone to tell them this information, and a phone call like Patrick’s might be a tech support phone scam that could put you at risk of identity theft.

Tech support phone scams are designed to:

  • Trick you into downloading malicious software.
  • Take control of your computer remotely and adjust settings to leave your computer vulnerable.
  • Request credit card information and then bill you for phony services or commit identity theft.

Learn what to do if you think you’ve been a victim of a scam.

Microsoft will not make unsolicited phone calls about computer security or software fixes. If you receive a call like this one, it’s a scam, and all you need to do is hang up. Find out how you can avoid tech support phone scams.

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Eve Blakemore

Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

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  1. Anonymous

    Received a phone call at 3:00pm central time telling alerting me to a security issue with microsoft laptops.  He then asked me to turn on my computer so I hung up.  Phone number 786=664-7981.

  2. Anonymous

    I am just so sad that I have lost my email account with hotmail for some reason with so much work and my writings for over 4 to 5 years….

  3. Anonymous

    I was a victim of this very scam! They called from Liz Web Solultions stating that the security on my Vista software has expired and a lot of hackers were using my computer without my knowledge. Since I had just five days prior had an online chat and troubleshooting session with Microsoft to fix an issue with my issue with installing SP1 amd SP2, I thought these were the same people. They person from Liz Web Solutions was also Asian, so I didn't think any more about it. What saved me was I had a pending transaction on my debit card and it didn't go through. I said I would get the 5 years warranty extension in a few days. In the meantime, I called Microsoft back and they told me they would never have called in this manner without my permission to do so. Finally, I went to use my debit card, and it was declined. Luckily, my bank had stopped all transactions, because these people tried to run the card once for $129.99, once for $99.99 and once for $84.99. I had the bank decline all transactions from that company.

    Whatever that guy did to my computer to make all my Windows features shutdown and not work also kept the computer from booting up. The great thing is that the Vista software itself detected the problem and did a system restore that corrected the issue. PLEASE BEWARE OF SCAMMERS!!!!!

  4. Anonymous

    We get these calls daily from "unknown" numbers purporting to some Microsoft Help service advising me of a problem with my computer.   I like to play with them a bit before I hang up.  For example, one time the caller representing this Microsoft service told me "they received a signal from my computer."  "A signal?"  I asked.  "From my computer?"  I then said, "That's great!  That's the signal from the mothership telling me they will be coming back to Earth soon to pick me up soon and take me home."    I realize that just by answering their calls they will probably continue to call us.  Lately, we have just ignored their calls altogether.

  5. Anonymous

    I have received the following Message. Kindly confirm its authenticity:



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  6. Anonymous

    I was contacted four times on a Friday afternoon and kept hanging up until they said they were from Microsoft. and gave them access to my computer.

    i called the operator and asked to trace the call as it was disturbing . I hope they did some thing about the incident.

    I did get something from chase bank stating there was 516.00 placed in my account. I do not have an account with them. This was on my smart phone.

    I did speak to Virgin Mobile about the incident and  had my number changed.

    My Ip address in PC  allows the DNS server to fail.

    Hope this is helpful,

  7. Anonymous

    I got a call this morning from some with Com Security telling me that my computer was having trouble getting windows updates. I told him I was not interested because as far as I know my computer has been getting Windows updates regularly and then I ran a virus scan.

  8. Anonymous

    They called and told me my computer was having problems,I told them how can that be as I don't have a computer- they hung up

  9. Anonymous

    I have call display and don't answer the call unless I know the person or they leave a message. Most of the time these scams are from low lifes in internet cafes in Nigeria and I don't for a moment feel sorry them. There are way too many brain damaged rotten people in the world.

  10. Anonymous

    I love to get these calls. I play with them for about 45 minutes before they are frustrated enought to hang up on me. I usually get transferred about 3 times and each person speaks a little more English than the last. Funny part is the more they speak English the less I come across as understanding…

  11. Anonymous

    I usually play along for a while before mentioning 'I didn't know my iMac was made by Microsoft'. That reults in them hanging up! LOL

  12. Anonymous

    I too got this call were they insisted my Windows was experiencing error messages.   I said really?  Because my brother WORKS for Microsoft and usually fixes any glitches I have.   They hung up faster than I could even say anything else.  

  13. Anonymous

    It is amazing that these calls all purport to have direct access to your computer, and that you computer is signalling them that there is a problem. Their English is terrible, and their accent is a dead giveaway that the call is a scam.

  14. br1.an@hotmail.com

    I usually play along for a while before saying I hadn't realised my iMac was made by Microsoft. They then hang up. LOL!!

  15. Anonymous

    Wow PT Barnum was right-there is one born every minute

  16. Anonymous

    ive recieved several calls, someone saying they are microsoft about my computer. I said youre nuts I dont have a computer and they hung up..problem solved…lol

  17. Anonymous

    I got a call from this number +1-001846. it's unfortunatelly not the whole Number.

  18. Anonymous

    I had several calls from support, saying my computer needed fixing. I just Oh yea~~ what your ID number. he just blunder around I couldn't understand him. I told him my son worked for Microsoft and he hung up. Shhhh! I don't have a son.

    Also got the same letter I just deleated it.

    Like many I ran my scanner guess what I got a virus. DANG! Had my phone company trace the call and had it blocked.

  19. Anonymous

    Call no. 1

    A very panicky female with East Indian accent says she is from Microsoft and my computer is about to crash and she can fix it.  I told her that there was nothing wrong with my computer.  Also told her there was a loud buzz on the phone and I couldn't hear what she was saying but she persisted and I hung up.

    Call No. 2

    A male with an East Indian accent says he is from Microsoft and they detected a severe invasion of my computer which also effected all attached equipment and that he would be glad to fix it.  I told him that due to the terrible loud noise on my phone I could not continue until the phone man fixed it.  He persisted so I told him to just give me his phone number or email and I would contact him after it was fixed but he said he could not do that. I hung up.  This call was about a week after the first.

  20. Anonymous



  21. Anonymous

    I have received these calls on several occasions and have thrown the caller off simply by telling them my PC's are either Linux or Chrome OS based.  They have nothing to say afterwards and end up hanging up.

  22. Anonymous

    In the Netherlands we recieve those calls a lot, from persons with a Pakistani or Indian accent. They claim to be 'my tech office', 'microsoft' or 'ibm'. I challenged them to authenticate, giving them a passphrase (8 random numbers) and asking to identify them by giving me their response… I said to expect 20 digits back.

    When the Phone was silent for several seconds and the person on the other side murmured some numbers I said that those where rejected, and as a security feature, that the call was traced. They immediately stopped the telephone conversation, hung up, and havent bothered me since…

  23. Anonymous

    Uhm WAKE UP,, these calls have been happening for around 3 years now.. But its good they finally get a mention here…

  24. Anonymous

    Received calls from a company in Dumont NJ  201-338-6210 claiming that they are from Microsoft  Security and asking me to check a log file on my system as they have found a virus on my system.   They wanted access to my system.   I knew that it was a scam. They hung up but prior to answeinbg their call they called me repeatedly for two days.

  25. Anonymous

    About a year ago I was called by a guy who said he was from "Microsoft Technical Support" and his "system" had detected that my computer was about to crash and delete everything on the hard drive unless I gave him remote access to my desktop right away.

    It was entertaining to keep him on the phone by acting like I was really scared, asking dumb-user questions and snickering at his very earnest but increasingly silly answers. After a while my wife started listening in. In the end we couldn't refrain from loud peals of laughter, and then he hung up on us.

  26. Anonymous

    I've gotten calls from "Windows Operating System" telling me that they are detecting problems with my computer.  When I act all concerned, they tell me that they can fix the issue for me remotely.  Okay, thank you.

    They confirm that my computer is on, and then ask me to click the Start button.

    "Sorry, but I can't do that."

    "You can't do that?"


    "I don't understand.  Why can't you click the Start button?"

    "Well, you see I'm using Linux, so there is no Start button.  Also, could you please explain just how you are monitoring my Linux machine, if you are from 'Windows Operating System'?"

    At that point they get quiet, mumble something about having made a mistake, and hang up.

    And that stops the calls for about a month, and then we go through it all again.  These people are so amusing.

    They've called most of my immediate family, and I explain how to get these people off the phone.  BTW, not one of us is actually using Linux.

  27. Anonymous

    We often received calls from someone from "Microsoft" who told us Windows was vulnerable to malware.  We don't get those calls anymore.  The last time he called saying our Windows was vulnerable, we told him that we had no broken windows, but we were looking for dual pane windows for the east side of our home and would he give us a quote on the windows and installation.  That stopped him in his tracks and we haven't heard from him since!!

  28. Anonymous

    I got a call a week ago from an 'employee of Windows' saying my computer sent a message that it had a virus and she was there to 'help me'. Being very skeptical, I kept telling her I had no idea who she was, she could be a scammer. I also asked which computer and she asked how many we had. I told her 2 and she both of them were sending messages! I kept telling her I think it's a scam and I had no way of verifying who she was, she wanted to take control of my computer to 'fix it.' She was getting more and more agitated and kept saying she was from 'Windows' and wanted to fix my computer! She finally gave me her name and a phone number to call her back. I googled the number and it was a cell phone from San Antonio. She had a thick Asian accent. I called it and it rang about 20 times. Then I went on Microsoft website to the FAQ's and they say they will NEVER call you. Then I went on chat with a man and asked if my computer is even capable of sending a message that my computer is infected and he said no. I also gave them the information I had written down. Pretty soon the phone rang and it was her again, she knew I had called. My husband answered the phone and told her it was a scam and never to call again or we would report them and they haven't. I'm hoping Microsoft could do something with the information I provided them. Always be skeptical!!

  29. Anonymous

    I had an Idiot scammer tell me my computer sends him notifications that I need fixed.  He wants me to log into a website and download some software to "fix" the problem.  I didn't type in the website he wanted me to type in, I told him  don't call again.  They called about a half dozen times since, I hung up on them each and every time.  That must have sent the message, I haven't got a call in 2 months from these idiots.

  30. Anonymous

    On these calls, I always like to say, "Does your mother approve of the dishonest way you make a living?" or "What do you tell your children about your job, and honesty, and trying to make the world a better place?"  Since I'm semi retired and have the time, sometimes I'll play an old and feeble man, hard of hearing, just barley computer literate, and struggle for the longest time to follow their instructions, sometimes for half an hour, until finally they think I'm about to give them the keys, then blow it in some way like "oh no! I just spilled coffee on my keyboard!" or "I can't find the Enter key! What should I do?"  I'm sure their bosses in the scam center boiler room just love when they blow that much time.  I need to get another job, don't I?   ;>}

  31. Anonymous

    I received 1 of those calls along with a Dell Support Center Window with PC Doctor running it.  I ran the scan & then they called & spent 45 minutes with me on the phone & finally said that they were selling Internal Security system for $125.00 for 6 months.  When I refused they locked up my computer requesting a Windows XP password.  I changed my system to Windows 7 by a computer repair person & have recovered all my data & now have 2 hard drives in my computer. I contacted Dell & they said they had not heard about this happening.  I was going to Windows 7 anyway, but this just made it happen faster. Thank you.

  32. Anonymous

    I use to always get those ……..something wrong with your computer.  I caught them out one day and said that they were from AAPT.  I had just switch my IP to AAPT and all these phone calls started.  One day I had a complaint about my internet and rang AAPT then it got sorted.  A week later I got a phone call with something wrong with my computer and I recognized the voice and the back ground noise.  I told the Indian sounding woman that  I know her and told her who she worked for and I had just spoken to her just that week.  She quickly denied it and hung up.

    Coincidence?  Sure it was her.  From then on I got a Caller Display Id and scan all my calls.  Now with iiNet (AAPT) I hardly get them now, but an odd one will slip through.  

  33. Anonymous

    I too have had two of these calls.  On the first I hung up, on the second I pretended I was a little old lady who really didn;t know much about anything.  I let the fellow explain how he was from Microsoft and I had a problem with my computer and that he would be able to fix it.  I thanked him profusely, and said if I understand you correctly you are going to deliver a new computer to my house and then you will fix any problems that I have.  He sputtered, and started his spiel all over again.  I interrupted, said I had to answer the door and could he hold on for a minute – I put the phone down and when I checked it a few minutes later he had hung up – haven't had another call so far.

  34. Anonymous

    We used get these calls often. We have Windows 8. The last time we got this type of call, my wife said "how can that be? We have a MAC" They hung up.

  35. Anonymous

    I have had a few of these calls in the past but I fob them off by saying I don't have a computer it totally confuses them, I also now have caller display on my phone so if it showing international call or number unavailable out of area I dont answer it

  36. Anonymous

    My personal best for keeping these sub-continental dufuses on the phone is 38 minutes. You can have so much fun if you have time on your hands when they phone. They get really mad at the end of the call when you tell them that you know they are very low quality scam artists. Some of them even have the temerity to accuse you of wasting their time! If you want them to hang up straight away then just tell them you are using a Mac. They often start off by saying they are "working for Windows". They still insist they are legit even when you point out that Windows is an OS and that surely they work for Microsoft. There's not a lot of thought put in to their MO and they are obviously preying on people who take them on face value.  

  37. Anonymous

    I enjoy busting their chops too.

    During one call the thief on the other end wanted to speak with the person in charge of the computer.

    My reply " Computer? what the heck is a computer? I've never heard of such a thing. Is that something new?"

    CLICK from the other end.

    It's been weeks and I haven't heard a peep since.

  38. Anonymous

    I have been getting calls from people with foreign accents stating that they are from Windows IT, or Windows Tech Support, claiming that they want to speak with the owner of my computer. When I asked for proof of their identity they responded with the I.D. of my computer and my address. I asked for his phone number so I could call to verify that the call is real. He said that I could not call him. Obviously, my computer has been accessed and my I.D. has been compromised. When I pressed them for more information, they hung up. Other times, I challenged them saying that they were thieves. One guy argued with me until I cussed him out. He, too, hung up.

  39. Anonymous

    They have been calling me several times. The first time I played along to see where they were going.

    Someone with an accent from India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh said he was with Microsoft Technical Support and he needed me to go into my computer and google something (I forgot what). I told him I use your search engine. He had no idea what I was talking about. I asked him if he knew which search engine is Microsoft's and he still didn't know. Then he wanted me to open the start button and type in a file (which I did not do) and he asked me what I saw. Told him I saw nothing. After a while he got frustrated and hung up. Now, whenever they call, I just hang up. But it was fun to tease him a little.

    Not much fun if you do what they say though, as they will install a virus or some spyware, I'm sure.

  40. Anonymous

    I got similar calls.

    First time,  I asked which computer? I have five of them.

    Second time: I don't have Windows OS. All are MAC. You must have some virus. Check your computer.

    Third time: Just now, I talked and gave my information to your partner (remembered the name from the first call).

    Simply fool around with the person.

  41. Anonymous

    We have had two calls in the last couple of days claiming they were from Microsoft and  that my computer wasn't functioning properly and that I needed to turn on my computer immediately.  I asked where they got the phone number, which was my husband's cell and she told me from an IP address.  I told that I didn't use that number for anything and to get lost and hung up.  The neighbor said they had gotten a couple of phone calls too, but to his house phone.  They have no number or name come up on caller ID when calling.  My husband got another one today and just hung up on them.  

  42. Anonymous

    I have received several calls lately and just hang up immediately.

  43. Anonymous

    I also usually play with these people and keep them on line as long as possible without giving them access or a credit card number. The longer they waste time with me the less time they have with the unsuspecting. We had a visitor recently who took the call and she said "Get a real job". she repeated this twice and the and the caller hung up, much more effective than telling them to get lost but not as much fun,

  44. Anonymous

    Best way to get them off the phone is say that you use a MAC

    I know that it does not help Microsoft's effort, but still has no further action on their call script.

    The process usually involves them requesting the user to navigate to a reg_key which is part of the OS (So always there). They then play along with 'Oh My, you have a virus, are you sure that it says 0x01222111' and what about this one…. All of which are HKLM_SYSTEM keys.

    The scam usually points the user to a fake site, and then in a matter of days the site is gone.

  45. Anonymous

    Pretty sure that you don't need to validate it's authenticity.

    It looks pretty legit to me.

  46. Anonymous

    I got a lot of calls from unknown numbers telling me that they had received a signal from my computer.  After a while getting really fed up I told them if they called again I will blow a whistle very loudly down the phone.  They called again I did what I said i would do, this happend twice, no more calls so far……

  47. Anonymous

    I love getting these types of calls!  See I have a degree in Computer Science and I also have a Certification from Microsoft.  It's really fun to play dumb with these poor schmucks then run circles around them!  For most people when you hear any mention that "you're computer has a <insert bogus malware> on it" just hang up the phone at that point.  Microsoft nor any other reputable company call you to tell you your computer has a virus on it.  Sometimes banks will call you, just take the info (never give them any personal info), hang up, then call your bank and make certain what you were just told was in fact true.  As for email it's quite easy to spot scams, First look for poor or improper English usage.  Second they state you won something in a country you've never been to.  3rd they will ask for personal info.  Just delete them.  Better yet if it's from someone or a company you don't recognize don't even bother opening it just delete the msg.  Set your spam filters to only put msgs from people you know into the junk folder.  Just be sure to check it to make sure a msg you were expecting doesn't wind up in the junk/spam folder.  Treat email the same way you do your postal mail.  And remember if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

  48. Anonymous

    I have had 3 calls in a week from the 'technical department of Microsoft'.  I simply tell them I am with TPS (Telephone preference service) and should not be receiving such calls – obviously this is not working, so, in future, I will just put the phone down.

  49. Anonymous

    Albert, it was a scam. They are all scams. If you think you have won money, it is a scam.

  50. Anonymous

    what's the eye ball that appears when asked for  my  password is  needed ? , logging in?

  51. Anonymous

    I got two phonecalls in the last six months from a fake (microsoft online service)  they told me that my computer was infected and that he would  help me to get it save.

    The man online sounded like a person from india ,when i asked him how he got my private phone number he said it was on a list.?

    i ask him were are u calling from he said the usa.

    So i told him………….. youre an imposter………… than he hang up.

    greetings from the Netherlands-europe

    ps i also got the You are the winner mails in my not wanted mailbox,should i send these to microsoft ??

    and i recieved the …There is a sending for you with an American post service and the dillivery service could not reach u please repley this mail so we can deliver the item to you.Mail

    Microsoft is keeping my computer auto safe,thank u richmond

  52. Anonymous

    I received one call where I was told my computer had reported a serious problem and that 'they' (some support organisation) needed remote access to it to resolve the issue.  Believe me no support organisation (Microsoft included) will EVER contact and end user without a sophisticated support contract in place.  Remote monitoring may happen on servers and other critical components (e.g. crucial network devices) but it rarely, if ever, happens on end-user workstations.  

    It is always for the end-user to initiate an IT support call and even then its rare that remote access is needed – most problems are resolved with a simple dialogue.  A 'support' company initiating a call to a desktop user and asking for remote access etc., is akin to a bank phoning you up and asking for your password – it is a bogus call and it should be terminated with passing on any details or agreeing to any request.

  53. Anonymous

    There is too much of this telephone nonsense. The usual 'giveaway' is an Asian voice who says his name is Christopher or Michael in a strong non-European accent! With email scams the spelling is atrocious.

  54. Anonymous

    The calls I got were about error messages on my computer – they wanted me to look at some things but I would always interrupt & let them go no further.  I was getting these phone calls like clockwork until I told them "I've got your cell phone number on the caller ID and I am calling the police".  I haven't gotten one call since.

    If they worked this hard at a regular job, they would have it made!

  55. Anonymous

    When they say your computer is sending error signals say that's incredible because I don't have a computer.

  56. Anonymous

    Hi Alvin,

    I have an old hotmal account and get tons of junk mail daily.

    I get many e-mails just like yours monthly, and THEY ARE ALL Identity theft phishing scams.

    Also, it's always good to report them, hotmail offers this option.

    There is no lottery in the world that gives free money randomly to email addresses.

  57. Anonymous

    I got a call the other morning and the person said they were from Microsoft and that I needed to turn on my computer for them.  It sounded like someone with an Indian accent and there were sounds of a lot of activity in the background.  I think they said they had been notified there was something wrong with my computer and that I had called them for assistance.  I told them that I had not and that my computer was fine and that  I was not going to do what they asked.

  58. Anonymous

    I purchased a new Epson printer…I was required to download the setup file from their website. The printer installed successfully but about an hour after this procedure noticed a proliferation of  pop ups and advertising websites as I was using my computer. The websites I visited were those of nationally known publications so it is difficult to say they were the cause.

  59. Anonymous

    This article is a good alert and reminder. I think most of us know better than to divulge personal/private/sensitive info by email or to incoming phone callers, but sometimes it nevertheless is easy to get caught off guard.

    Keep vigilant.

  60. Anonymous

    I'm not sure that this is tied to Windows XP at all.  It is a general scam that will effectively work with any version of the operating system.  It's a bit misleading to try to get people to upgrade on this basis; there are plenty of other good reasons associated with security, but this is just not one of them.

  61. Anonymous

    We have had a lot of these calls and had read about them a long time ago in Computeractive magazine.  We used to play about with them too, now we just act surprised and say, "We don't have a computer". Classic, the gasp at the other end of the phone is audible.

  62. Anonymous

    Several months ago I received phone call supposedly to be from The Technical Dept. of Microsoft Windows, telling me that my computer was in imminent danger of crashing, and I needed to activate remote assistance, I refused to do this, and the conversation became very rude and offensive,  I was told that my computer would become unusable, I told them not to ring me again, and put the phone down, the person rang me back, and told me that I would be stupid not to let them sort my computer out. I put the phone down without speaking, but during the same evening, I was alerted to a virus on my laptop, which made it un usable, It has cost me money to get these viruses removed.  I still get these phone calls almost weekly, but immediately,  end the calls.

  63. Anonymous

    I just tell them that I use Linux, they normally put the phone down on me then….

  64. Anonymous

    I just received a similar call requesting information about my computer. The person on the other end spoke with an Indian accent.

  65. Anonymous

    Just tell that that it's impossible…….my PC  runs LINUX 🙂

  66. Anonymous

    I have received many many phone calls from someone with an India accent claiming to be calling from Microsoft telling me that they detected some problems with my computer and if I have them access to my computer they could help me. The first time I freaked out and called my dad and older brother, who are both very good with computers, and they told me Microsoft would never contact me like this. Now when I say I've received many calls I'm talking about over 50 calls in the last 6 months. I had one guy call me from a blocked number and I hung up on him. He then called me again from an unblocked number and I proceeded to tell him that I know this is a scam and I have his number and if I receive another phone call I would report it to the police. He hung up immediately. Unfortunately this did not deter the callers and if I do happen to pick up the call I tell the person that I am reporting them to the police and they hang up immediately. It is extremely frustrating and I wish someone would do something about it!

  67. Anonymous

    Just get a Mac and have no worries!

  68. Anonymous

    I constantly receive calls from Geek Tech Support. I tell them that I have asked them not to call me and that I will and have, reported them. I am on the do not call list. How can they keep calling? I know better than to listen to their lies.

  69. Anonymous

    I been getting calls saying they are from windows and they are seeing error  messges from my computer, I told them 1 window is part of microsoft and two mircosoft dosen't call about personal computers, also told them I had their phone number and was going to report them to the police. They hung up! Th last time I got a call I told th guy I gave my computer away he said what you gave your computer away why would you do that for? I told him I was getting to many phone calls like his that was a scam. He hung up!

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