Get advance notice about September 2013 security updates

Today, the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) posted details about the September security updates.

If you have automatic updating turned on, most of these updates will download and install on their own. Sometimes you may need to provide input for Windows Update during an installation. In this case, you’ll see an alert in the notification area at the far right of the taskbar—be sure to click it.

In Windows 8, Windows will turn on automatic updating during setup unless you choose to turn it off. To check this setting and turn on automatic updating, open the Search charm, enter Turn automatic updating on or off, and tap or click Settings to find it. 

For other versions of Windows, you can check whether automatic updating is turned on through the Microsoft Update website. This will open Windows Update in Control Panel; if automatic updating is not turned on, you’ll be guided through the steps to set it up. After that, all the latest security and performance improvements will be installed on your PC quickly and reliably.

If you are a technical professional

The Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Service offers details about security updates approximately three business days before they are released. We do this to enable customers (especially IT professionals) to plan for effective deployment of security updates.

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  1. Anonymous

    are you using something called    …call us overprotective…  ?

  2. Anonymous

    How can I find out if my computer already has SP3?

  3. Anonymous

    I started getting that same message when logging into my hotmail page.  It gave an option of getting a code sent to an email address that I don't have.  Annoying and confusing.

  4. Anonymous

    my anti virus turns itself off and i can't switch it on. i have cured this with update but not today. this occured whilst visitng the glen lucas site

    what now?

  5. Anonymous

    What do I do if I keep getting the same three updates all the time

  6. Anonymous

    I keep getting the same 3 updates too – every few minutes even after I repeatedly install them.  I started to think it's a virus and then I heard other people are experiencing the same thing.  

    It's really, really annoying!!   I've turned off automatic updates until Microsoft fixes this problem.  

  7. Anonymous

    I seem to have that same problem. I think I'm one of many with that same issue that has started happening in the last few days. Microsoft needs to fix this problem and send everyone the "fix" for this issue. It's getting annoying seeing that update over & over without a solution! I would think that this age of  technology it would have been already taken care of.


  8. Anonymous

    I've been w/o email access 6 days now. Are you in charge of…call us overprotective?

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