Check security settings in Windows Vista

The newest version of Windows is Windows 8, but we know that many of you still use Windows Vista.

The best way to ensure that Windows Vista is as secure as it can be is to use the Windows Security Center, which is built into Windows Vista.

The Windows Security Center can help you check the status of several security features on your computer, including firewall settings, Windows automatic updating, anti-malware software settings, Internet security settings, and User Account Control settings.

To get to the Window Security Center, click the Start button , click Control Panel, click Security, and then click Security Center. If Windows detects a problem (for example, if your antivirus program is out of date), Security Center displays a notification and places a Security Center icon  in the notification area. Click the notification or double-click the Security Center icon to open Security Center and get information about how to fix the problem.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Windows 8 comes with Windows Defender to help protect your PC from viruses and other kinds of malware.

For Windows Vista, you can download Microsoft Security Essentials to help guard against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

Get more security information for Windows Vista

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  1. Anonymous

    have a virus can you help please.

  2. Anonymous

    I actually want to ease the security – I cant download attachments from emails that I know are perfectly safe. For the last 6 months I have endless problems every time there is a windows update / java update / adobe update (I think its the windows one which is the most problematic. I am beyond exasperated with microsoft over this, quite frankly. Seriously thinking of buying an apple mac next.

  3. Anonymous


    Windows 8:

    MS has made it hard to get CD to run and best option would be to either reinstall Windows 8 to remove virus or remove it and go back to older Windows to use CD if get virus again. Plus Windows 8 has a backdoor in it that  makes it unsafe.


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