Secure Development Is Much Easier Than You Think

Secure software development is something we believe is absolutely critical to helping create safer more trusted computing experiences for everyone.  So much so that we invest in providing free tools, resources and guidance to help assist organizations in adopting an SDL process and are actively involved in helping to evangelize these resources to the security community. However while these resources have existed since 2008, our Trust in Computing study showed that adoption still remains low predominately due to perceived cost, lack of support and training.  

With that in mind, we believe it’s important to help educate developers on just how easy it is to implement.   We recently worked with Dr Dobb’s on an article to help raise awareness of several simple development and testing techniques that can help automate secure coding for Windows and Linux apps. If you are building apps or an SDL program, or consider doing so, I strongly encourage you to check it out:

Link: Secure Development Is Much Easier Than You Think


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Principal Security Program Manager

Arjuna Shunn is principal security program manager in the Microsoft Corp.'s Trustworthy Computing (TwC) Group. He is a cyber-security professional with extensive experience across a wide range of cyber-security practices, industry verticals, regulatory regimes and environments, focusing on development lifecycle Read more »