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  1. Anonymous

    I want to report this person his name is Ismael carlos hernandez his hacking all my information I would like to see if you guys could do somes thing he goes by DVSsmiley

  2. Anonymous

    You forgot to mention 2 factor authentication!  When used with the tips in your article it massively increases security for very little effort.  It's real simple with a Windows Phone or Android device.

  3. Anonymous

    I cannot install microsoft security esentials, many time waiting…

  4. Anonymous

    I have installed Security Essentials. I have Windows XP.

    I get an elert that my Virus Protection is turned off.

    However, there are no specific instructions as to turning  Virus Protection on.

    Appreciate any help.



  5. Anonymous


     What  system do you have?

    If it is Windows 8, than it is already there.

    If other, than you need to install. If it is not installing, than you might have a virus on your system.

  6. Anonymous

    @Harry Ziff

    If it is off, than you most likely have a virus. 

  7. Anonymous

    Click on Control Panel, Programs and Features, and then check the listings of installed programs

    Check for programs you do not recognize, especially "Toolbar" programs.

    Highlight what you do not recognize and go to the top and click on "un-install".

    Reboot and run the defragment program

    Hope this works for you !


    Harry, If your virus protection is turned and will not turn on, follow these steps: Go to Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Services, then scroll down to Microsoft Anti-malware service and click Start. If it is greyed out, scroll down to Security Centre and click re start.

  9. Anonymous

    do i HAVE to give Microsoft my phone number? all i want to use is hotmail.


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