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  1. Anonymous

    I received a land-line call this afternoon from a Mid Eastern accented gentleman claiming to be Alex Martin from "Windows Support." He claimed my computer was infected with a virus and that I should follow his instructions to clear it up.  I thought it was strange that Microsoft would be calling by phone to give me that bit of advice, and not even knowing my name or address!  At any rate, if you happen to hear from this gentleman, or the lady in the background directing phone traffic, his name is Alex Martin ( I am certain that is not his real name) and his "associate reference number is A/M9330.  and his phone number that he directed me to call back at a later time is 1-646-810-6453…which is a phone number in New York City!  

    Be aware and have a nice day everyone!

  2. Anonymous

    I have a question about windows live mail ,it has put three accounts into my laptop and it sends me ads .as I see I have two inboxes ,I delete ads from the one but they remain in the other .I don't want to have messenger too ,I delete it and it pops up again in the worktop area so I have to close this one everytime I open my laptop .I delete messenger where it comes from again ? I used messenger once and I don't like it at all ,hotmail too. I had a microsoft account once but now it tells me I have the wrong password .what to do with all these problems ?

  3. Anonymous

    I have post questions and I have never received an answer from them, which I am think is that there are no real people reading this.

    Some of my previous questions where:

    How to shut down a Windows 8 pc? There is no start menu and I pull the plug from the wall to shut down, which others have told me is not good.

    If there is no way to shut down windows 8, how can I go back to Windows Xp since it had a shut down option.

    How to I stop from giving me viruses?

    Etc etc

    Please provide an answer to at least these questions,

  4. Anonymous

    Another question is that bing keeps telling me that the certification is for another site and not Bing and it is not safe to proceed. Why is Bing not use the correct certification and is it safe to proceed? Or should I block Bing all together?

    Another question is how to bypass admin control to install IE 10 since it keeps telling me that I am using an older browser?  It is blocked by admin group to use IE6 only. Any help would be appreciated.

  5. Anonymous

    Everyone : this is not a discussion forum, it's a place where Microsoft posts items of interest for us all to read. There are proper forums on the Microsoft website covering just about every topic you could imagine. Just go to and use the search box to enter the key words for the problem you've got and see what comes up in the list of search results. Browse a bit, find the right place (make sure you don't ask a question about XP in the Windows 8 forum, that kind of thing), look to see if someone else has asked a similar question – the answer might be right there. If not, start a new discussion and ask your question. Someone will answer you eventually, but don't expect an immediate response. The forums are there 24/7, the volunteers who do such a great (and often thankless) job of helping people do it in their spare time, if they have any.

  6. Anonymous


     I tried the forums but never got any feedback which is why I ask here since here are people that should know it but they do not answer because they have been replaced by bots or robots and are not real. Well I think it is time to switch to linux since at least their fourms are give time to answer questions and help people.

  7. Anonymous

    @efi midiati

    —Q:I don't want to have messenger too ,I delete it and it pops up again in the worktop area so I have to close this one everytime I open my laptop .

    —A: disable the messange in msconfig and/or hotmail account.

    —Q: I delete messenger where it comes from again ?

    —A: Since you have three accounts, it does that. Unlink them and it will be in one account. WIll have to check all three to see if new message are there:

    —Q: I used messenger once and I don't like it at all ,hotmail too. I had a microsoft account once but now it tells me I have the wrong password .

    —A: Contact MS help desktop

  8. Anonymous

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your blog. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

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