Graduate to better social media sharing

Around the world, we’re celebrating graduates of high school, college, and even grade school. Whatever the occasion for celebration, keep in mind these tips for social media sharing:

  • Be mindful of your online image. Remember that blog posts, photographs, and videos that you post on the Internet could be there forever. Even if you try to remove unfavorable content from the Internet, that information might already be saved to another person’s computer. Learn how to take charge of your online reputation.
  • Be careful with sharing personal information. This includes sharing your last name, home address, phone numbers, school’s name, email address, last names of friends or relatives, instant messaging names, age, and birth date. Learn other ways to protect yourself from fraud.
  • Adjust your online gaming settings. Xbox LIVE offers a number of privacy and safety settings that allows you to choose what information you display about yourself and who can contact you. Learn more about privacy on Xbox 360 and Xbox LIVE.

Get more tips on how to socialize more safely.

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