Support for Windows XP ends in April 2014

After April 8, 2014, there will be no new security updates, non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support options, or online technical content updates for Windows XP SP3.

Learn about upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8.

The Microsoft Support Lifecycle provides consistent, predictable guidelines for product support availability when a product releases and throughout that product’s life.

Windows and Office products receive a minimum of 10 years of support (5 years Mainstream Support and 5 years Extended Support) at the supported service pack level.

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  1. Anonymous

    I love XP . Better than any other window.  Before you change things why don't you ask your users.

    Sometimes you have to stand outside the circle and look in.

  2. Anonymous

    I want to remove Windows 8 and go back to Windows Xp. I prefer unsupport OS than one that is not useable.

    Or my friends told me to swtch to linux. Might do that if they can not install Windows on this useless Windows 8 machine.

  3. Anonymous

    what internet cannection error report.

  4. Anonymous

    What a cheek Microsoft has ending support for xp what about all the people that still have xp it might be time to for every one to change to apple teach Microsoft a good lesson

  5. Anonymous

    i cannot turn on my windows firewall as there is a security problem with a windows update and the widows security cannot open the settings

  6. Anonymous

    I crash-learned computing in 2 weeks in 1983.  In those days one had to load the operating system onto the computer from a floppy disc every time one switched the computer on.

    Then I mastered MS DOS.

    I've acquired and learned various MS Operating Systems since – Windows 95, etc., etc., through to Windows XP and all its upgrades and security installations.

    Windows XP does everything I need – and more.

    I now neither want nor can afford to expend either the time or money on acquiring and learning a new System or a new computer or laptop to operate it.

    There must be hundreds of thousands of loyal customers like me throughout the world whom it is utterly unfair of Microsoft to either abandon or force into huge additional expense in time and money in their precious later years and when money is tight.

    Thanks in great measure to Microsoft, computers have become an essential tool to enable everyone in the world to keep in touch not only with their loved ones, often farflung, but with what is going on in their district, their region, their country and the world.

    The Microsoft Foundation and Mr and Mrs Gates are hugely generous around the world in many ways.  Can they  not see their way to supporting Windows XP into the future as a way of assisting over-65s/Senior Citizens around the world?

    Please don't abandon us!

  7. Anonymous

    It looks as if you are trying to interfere with the workings and security of XP to sell the next product.  There is some malice involved in what is going on.  I am having problems that I never had before.

  8. Anonymous

    I have been a strong supporter of Microsoft since DOS 1. Upgraded continuosly until Vista. I will change to Linux as you have consistantly 'improved' to your satification not your users. XP is the most stable platform you have ever had and your 'support' is not welcomed any longer.

  9. Anonymous

    Tell me it isn't true!  I've had so many problems with win8 i scrubbed it from three computers and isntalled XP.  A very costly gambit to save my sanity!

  10. Anonymous

    I have been using windows XP for about 15 years and I love it please dont let it go  I would continue to use it always

    thanks Bev Nichols

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    It sounds like you guys are forgetting that Windows XP is a 12 year old operating system, Microsoft had already extended the support lifecycle because of it's popularity. Also for those complaining about Windows 8, I'd recommend downgrading to Windows 7 as it's arguably the best OS released in recent history.

  13. Anonymous

    Purely and marketing decision to increase revenue….I feel sure cost is NOT the issue. Put marketing's feet to the fire….many of us can not and will not move to an inferior product…..I''m sure the competition won't follow your unlit path to questionable  customer service and trust…..

  14. Anonymous


  15. Anonymous

    I've always believed (first) that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and second, even if the customer isn't always right, that failure to listen to his is even more wrong.

    I understand that, in order to survive, a business must have income, but attempts to force products that consumers don't want down their throats is hardly a recipe for success: maybe not even for survival.

    Isn't there another possible solution? How about continuing to support XP with a nominal (or reasonable) annual fee? Wouldn't that work for Microsoft and it's loyal XP users?

  16. Anonymous

    You guys are not fixing something that is broken.  You are padding the bottom line by selling another

    inferior OS.

  17. Anonymous

    its not about widows xp or the customers its about the next billion dollars that billgates is going to make off of poor,old,disabeled, handicappeople veterains and ext people like us have no chance in the software world i like xp.

  18. Anonymous

    In anticipation of Microsoft's previously declared intention to abandon support of Windows XP, I bought a new notebook with Window 8. I've given this "new" platform my best efforts and attention for 2 months – appalling!

    I'm happy I kept my desktop and laptop that both have Windows XP.

    I've gone back to them and use them instead – whilst Windows 8 sits idle on the notebook.

    And, Rosy V Pynadath (5 May 2013), and others, – I've also been having problems over the last few months with Windows XP that I've never had before…..

  19. Anonymous

    I, too, concur with many of Cathleen Mainds above.  MS is forcing many seniors on limited means to commit to new costs and time investments that are difficult for the reasons she stated.  I think MS showed the world that they were completely insensitive to their computer o/s users with the advent of Window 8 – a change so great that many people were having fits.  I've heard that MS is now going to do some back peddling with Windows 8.1 (Blue), but their drastic changes in Windows 8 should have NEVER hit the production line.  It really feels like the Peter Principle was at work when deciding upon Windows 8.

  20. Anonymous

    oh no!!!  Windows 8 is terrible and windows 7 is not compatible with my other computers.  PLEASE KEEP WINDOWS XP.  Or else i'm switching to Apple

  21. Anonymous

    I'm not looking forward to moving my 2 computers away from XP. It's the best.

  22. Anonymous

    More reason to abandon Microsoft as an operating system.  Something works and they eliminate it.  I will not be buying anymore Microsoft products.

  23. Anonymous

    Technology has moved way ahead of XP especially in terms of security and hardware.  I'd like to see XP stay around forever, however, many of the changes necessary to keep up to date with security threats reside deep inside the operating system code (kernel) which requires a complete rewriting of the O/S to keep up to date.  Companies cannot afford to re-engineer older products just to keep die hard enthusiasts like me happy when it's much easier and cost effective to move on and develop new O/S.  

    Bottom line is the XP interface which we all love is still possible on more current operating systems.  Microsoft just chooses to keep changing the user interface to attract younger consumers.  It's all about marketing vs technology.

  24. Anonymous



  25. Anonymous

    I have a old dell 8400. I will keep running XP until it dies. Then I will scrape it.

  26. Anonymous

    Time to move on to Apple.

  27. Anonymous

    In my understanding an upgrade doesn't mean having to reinstall everything and then find some things just will not work

  28. Anonymous

    I love Windows XP!  I feel XP users are being ignored too.  Unfortunately, I may have to switch to a Mac.

  29. Anonymous

    Leave xp forever , please !

  30. Anonymous

    I am a volunteer for a vision-impaired charity.  I am spending a lot of time untangling clients from Widows 8 when they had to buy new computers, the old ones were not immortal.  The jump has been a leap too far.  Is there a business opportunity here to provide the basic support for a tried and true operating system for individuals, small companies and non-profit organizations who do not require the latest new thing?

  31. Anonymous

    Use XP SP3 at work because I have to. Use Win 7 SP1 Home Premium at home, and its great. Does everything I need it to. Can't see any reason to go to to Win 8….

  32. Anonymous

    I love XP Please lets keep it, as said before why oh! why do you always want to change everything.

  33. Anonymous

    Dear Microsoft, XP, you are planning to ditch us in 2014, just when we need you the most.

    Remember we are the ones who were the early adopters of your system, the ones who brought up their children to use you.

    If you can do this to us, your most faithful customers, what sort of a message are you sending to your Windows 8 users.

    We will be in our dotage, retired without a large income, left to swim in a shark infested sea with no land in sight.

    Please note all the other voices on this blog and listen to the silent majority we don't want to change now. iw

  34. Anonymous

    Windows XP is the best windows until today, don't stop supporting it !

  35. Anonymous

    Why do fix something that is already working to everyones satisfation?

    XP has treated me great.  

    Leave it alone.

  36. Anonymous

    I agree with those who say that Windows 8 has a lousy interface.  It is confusing and makes it difficult to perform actions that were easy in Windows XP.  One can hope that Microsoft will fix some of the problems with an update, but Microsoft hasn't been able to "turn on a dime" for many years.  

    As for upgrading to Windows 7 or 8, I'm sure a lot of machines won't be able to support the memory and storage requirements

  37. Anonymous

    Whether any one likes it or not, XP is history.  It has been for some time.  Any comments about malice or greed are completely ludicrous.  Microsoft had to move beyond XP or be left behind.  If they didn't, everyone would complain about that.  And expecting them to continue to create security updates for XP is akin to expecting Ford to provide anti-lock brakes and air bags for a ’65 Galaxie.  I think Microsoft did a good job of supporting XP for a long time past its day.  Vista came out in 2007, Windows 7 in late 2009 and now Windows 8.  I used XP for ages.  It was a good OS.  But Windows 7 is better.  It’s stable, more capable and shouldn’t require tremendously more resources than XP typically does.

    I don't think 8 will be successful until (if?) touch capabilities become mainstream on the desktop.  But remember, everyone questioned why we needed color monitors when they first came out.  Can you imagine using monochrome monitors today?

  38. Anonymous

    I love XP, Windows 7 & 8 …..NO!  Please don't stop support!

  39. Anonymous

    I have been using XP since it's inseption. Why end support now with so many pc's using the system? I am sure microsoft has the finances to continue updating and supporting XP. This is the smoothest and easiest system compared to later programs….that many have said are more trouble than they are worth. I will not upgrade to windows 7 or 8. I would sooner switch to a Mac…..for a trouble free computing experiance. Please don't end support….listen to your customers!!!

  40. Anonymous

    As a Windows XP user and a stockholder I am very disappointed how Steve Balmer is running(ruining) this company. You should keep XP and get rid of Balmer!

  41. Anonymous

    I wonder if the XP Virtual machine in Windows 7 will continue to be supported?

  42. Anonymous

    Long live XP and continued support!  I've been using it for 15 years and would like to continue.  I  wish no ill but continued service packs and antivirus support!  I recognize the need for new products and the expense for upgrades/systems.  XP is great and have no desire to move forward with other systems.

  43. Anonymous

    Here is a challenge to Microsoft  Offer their MVP's funds to produce a replacement for XP that will match the specifications of  XP in the Memory and Processors of XP machines

  44. Anonymous

    XP does what I need.  Wife has 7 and it might be all right I suppose but simple tasks in XP are a nightmare in 7 far as I'm concerned.  I'll either check out this Linux that's been mentioned or maybe spring for Mac.  I'm real tired of new systems doing something in another manner or renaming the same function and sticking where it takes a couple years to find.  Might be fine for the geeks but I've got better things to do with my time.

  45. Anonymous

    Gates, is out of the picture… but how dare they drop support for one of the best OS ever!.. They just need to "tweak it", not this nonsence like 7 and 8 (which is garbage).

    Perhaps, we, need Uncle Bill, indeed…?  They've lost their way, and billions of dollars, and millions of customers since he left!

    The phrase, don't mess with it, if it works… comes to mind… I think that comes from the 1930's-40's…. But then, I'm old at 50!

  46. Anonymous

    If you want to get rid of XP then send an app where we can contunue our XP programs.  I would rather use XP than Windows 7.  It is clean and simple to use.  When you set up 7 we lost a lot of XP programs and a lot of programs did not want to upgrade to 7 because of what ever.  

    Wake up Microsoft!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Anonymous

    Good lord, freaking scary.

    Do ANY of you have an education ? Freaking spelling and grammar are ignorant and scary.

    Can't understand what half of you are even "trying" to say.

  48. Anonymous

    I work in corporate IT and have been investigating Windows 8 since they released an eval copy and I really think that Microsoft have lost the plot with Win8. Sure it has some nice features for exec's but the bread and butter PC users are going to struggle with it. I am an XP fan although I do run Win7 and have got to like it but if MS build robust software that wasn't full of exploits which they plug with patches on a monthly basis, there would be no need to force satisfied XP users to upgrade.

  49. Anonymous

    Agree with all the above regretting your fiddling with an excellent system in order,apparently, to force us to use an inferior one.  Remember the old adage : if it aint broke dont fix it.  Read  and learn Microsoft!!

  50. Anonymous

    Being a silver surfer I am use to XP and find it so easy , please don't make us change, give us your continued support. I don't have much confidence in 7 or 8 and I don't have unlimited funds to update. Please have pity on us oldies.

  51. Anonymous

    If only they could get Windows 8 and Office to do all that XP and Office 2003 would do, without all the error messages and incompatibilities before the closing date… not likely!

  52. Anonymous

    time to make the jump. Apple awaits you.

  53. Anonymous

    It seems they are having to restructure the windows 8 to include a start feature, since they have made it so complicated. Also bit by bit they are eroding the compatibility of XP with other systems to squeeze

    out it usurers. Which means as they progress the browser becomes useless for Google mail etc.

    Unable to upgrade ie8, and it go’s on.

    Be aware some of the so called updates are not what they seem. As a result of one batch of updates

    I had all manner of problems which resulted in removing them. Which resolved the problems.

    Blue screen, system crash, system errors, and it went on.

    I would prefer to stay with it, but it means we will have to replace our equipment for what we have

    will not be compatible – It could be a case that Microsoft are generating waste for the sake of profit.

    But who am I just a pebble on the beach.

  54. Anonymous

    Please tell me how to get and set up Linux

  55. Anonymous

    I have run your software (for Windows 7 and for Windows 8) to see if my two PC's using Windows XP can be successfully updated to Windows 7 or Windows 8,  Both have completely failed the tests for updating to Windows 8.  For Windows 7, your evaluation software has shown software I will lose, some hardware that may have to be replaced but not necessarily (processor level, etc), and that I would need to reload software that works now after going to Windows 7 (even though some of them were downloaded a few years ago and are part the time when I could re-download them).  Thank you for doing what you have to help me make my life better.  

  56. Anonymous

    If Toyota stopped supporting my 10 year old car I would never buy another Toyota product.

  57. Anonymous

    We need XP, and  continues support.

    Come up with a program to help keep our older machines safe.


    People, don't sweat the ending of support for XP. Make sure that you are running a secure browser (NOT IE,) uninstall Java (for those who don't play online games,) use a script blocker (NoScript,) ad blocker (AdBlock Plus,) and tracker/beacon blocker (Ghostery.) Keep your antivirus software up to date and use a malware blocker. I recommend Malwarebytes. Protect your computer further by having a hardware firewall configured to reject incoming port probes; disable all unnecessary or potentially dangerous Windows services, such as UPNP (look them up to ensure whether you need them and check for dependencies;) disable file sharing if enabled. Sure, it's "techie sounding," but you CAN secure your computer. Also, it is wise to NEVER click on a link in an email or Web page from an untrusted source (NEVER click on a URL that has been shortened to mask its true identity, unless you can trust the source.) There are also other add-ons such as Web of Trust (WOT) that help (but don't totally guarantee) you to determine if the web page is legitimate or potentially dangerous to your computer. I am typing this comment from a Windows XP computer (SP3,) but I also have a Windows 2000 computer used at work that has been secured the same way. I have not had a security incident for FOUR YEARS, since I used the above methods to secure my computers. After inadvertently installing the dreaded "scareware" called "Windows XP 2010 Antivirus" I learned my lesson. It took me a few hours to recover from that one!

  59. Anonymous

    I hate the new updates to xp and the new OUTLOOK is very hard to understand–I want to go back to


  60. Anonymous

    Love my XP, hate Vista. Maybe Apple is the answer. Shame on you

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