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  1. Anonymous

    That email was brand new now whenever I want to send out composed new mail I have signout on a code of some sort then none of my mail ever reach their destinations so yes it has been hacked in Salisbury Md at the Public Library where only this cities judicial criminals can keep their faking a court case secret and abducting a black woman read all her tweets tell the world they are holding her here

  2. Anonymous

    I keep getting these emails from Microsoft that says I need to change my password. I opened it once and clicked on change password and got hacked.. I took my computer to a tech and cost me plenty to restore it. How can I stop these emails? I'm just tired of getting these scams that say they're Microsoft. Please stop them, I'm sure that other people are getting them as well.

  3. Anonymous

    I can't figure out how to chance my email pass word and what is worse two people are accessing my emails without my permission what can I do?

  4. Anonymous

    my yahoo account (email) is getting mail from verizon for someone i dont know but lives next door i have a secured router everytime i use the droid incredible problems arise ive spent hundreds to keep me secure and verizon cust service has been terrible after ive reported hacking 5x what should i do…

  5. Anonymous

    i do not have microsoft gmail for the droid and yahoo for my pc and desktop

  6. Anonymous

    A few months ago my hotmail account and facebook account were hacked by someone at the time whose PC I used and they had access to all my details.

    Very sensitive and fradulent information and sites were used posted and I had allegedly signed up to many porn sites and chat lines. I am now tryoing to retrieve my account to no avail. Police have been contacted and are investigating…… how do I fix this problem????????

  7. Anonymous

    here is the link to reset a hotmail password.  It used to be super easy to locate from the main Hotmail page, but now has been moved and is a pain to find.…/Change     Microsoft, please leave Hotmail and basic protection issues alone.  Not all of us want to navigate a maze of Windows live crap, facebook linking offers, headline news, or other social media.  We just need for our email box to be secure and for controls to be quickly accessible.

  8. Anonymous

    A lot of tricks out there that users fall for. I just got one in my Hotmail Junk about someone hacking my Hotmail account and I should sign in and change my personal information. However a closer look at the address that link goes to was a obvious data mining site that would simply collect my personal information. I passed the email along to Microsoft as a Phishing scheme. If people would stop and investigate even just a little it would save themselves a lot of problems. For one the most obvious in my email that I received was that it came in my Junk mailbox. Now if that email was truly from Hotmail customer service. I would expect that it would not go to my junk folder. Its very much like Facebook or Twitter or any other place you have personal information. Be a little smarter about that information and save yourself from a identity theft.

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