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  1. Anonymous

    I didn't finish signing into Microsoft account & now I can't sign in at all.

    It will either say my password is incorrect or I don't exist.  How can I start all over?

  2. Anonymous

    I am getting e-mails from microsoft about my acct. Need a new credit card #. Legit?

  3. Anonymous

    Is this safe and does it cost

  4. Anonymous

    Please help me how to activate my account on lovetime I'm never read the all message here I don't know how to reply if I'm not know what message sent to me?

  5. Anonymous

    I think someone may have used my account , please help me

  6. Anonymous

    two times while logged in to Hotmail & connected to my pc sent emails to people on my friends list.  Each email had a different link to somewhere I have never been… BitDefender & Microsoft safety scanner found only cookies like fastclick, Rub, 207, Statcounter, WebTrends, etc….

  7. Anonymous

    Ever since I "upgraded" to IE10, nothing stays logged in.  Sometimes I have to log in five (5) times just to check my email.  Some days everything works fine, for a day, then back to all this garbage with having to sign in every couple of minutes.  This is utter crap Microsoft, what did you do?

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