Make room for your new PC

Lots of us have new computers and other devices on our gift lists this holiday season. But getting rid of the old ones can seem more daunting than joyful.

If you have two computers that run the Windows operating system, you can use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer your files and settings from one to the other.

Before giving away a computer or device, you can help protect yourself from identity theft by making sure to remove all personal information stored on it. You can use a certified refurbisher (preferred) or do it yourself.

Get guidance on how to dispose of computers and other devices.

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  1. Anonymous

    I used a DOD approved program to scrub my hard drive before donating it to a worthy charity.  The cost of the program was worth knowing my data wouldn't be floating around after I gave the computer away.

  2. Anonymous

    Once data has transferred to new machine. Physically destroy the disk simplest is drill a couple of holes right through the platter of the disk. This way you can be sure no one is going to rip your data off.

  3. Anonymous

    This info was almost useless as it doesn't say how to remove all personal info.  Is this an ad for certified refurbishers?

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