Take care with ransomware

Have you ever received an email or seen a warning page on a website claiming that legal authorities had detected illegal activities on your computer?

This scam infects your computer with a type of malicious software called “ransomware.” The aim of ransomware is to prevent you from using your computer until you pay a fee (the “ransom”). If you see an email or a warning like this, do not follow the payment instructions.

Some ransomware will lock your computer so you can’t use the Internet to get help. But you might be able to fix the problem if you have another computer with a clean operating system and Internet access. You can use it to download Windows Defender Offline onto removable media and then run the recovery tool on your computer.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have had good luck in getting rid

    of this malware by using Windows'

    System Restore.  Just go to the last

    restore point and restore the system.

  2. Anonymous

    Best way to avoid getting caught by any of this trash is to set your email inbox to only accept mail from known addresses. AND, if you don't know the email address of the sender, just delete it immediately without even opening it. Nothing safer than that.

  3. Anonymous

    Windows Defender Offline did nothing . I went thru the whole procedure and it did not do as it stated.

    Wound up using "malware Bites"  & TDKiller and they cleared it right up.

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