Security Bulletin Advance Notification for November

Today the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) posted details about the November security updates. On Tuesday, November 13 at approximately 10 AM Pacific Time Microsoft will release 6 bulletins that will address issues in Windows, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft .Net Framework.

The easiest way to get the updates when they’re available is to turn on Windows automatic updating. For more information about how this works, see Understanding Windows automatic updating.

The Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification Service offers details about security updates approximately three business days before they are released. We do this to allow customers (especially IT professionals) to plan for effective deployment of security updates.

Advanced Notification includes information about:

  • The number of new security updates being released
  • The software affected
  • Severity levels of vulnerabilities
  • Information about any detection tools relevant to the updates
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  1. Anonymous

    I've recently had problems with something that fouls up my Kaspersky Pure 2.0 installation.  They suggested a re-install which I did.  The problem went away for a day or so, but returned last night.  I did not make any other changes during this time period.  I do allow Microsoft updates to take place without me knowing about it.  Are you aware of any incompatible issues with Kaspersky?

  2. Anonymous

    I really like this type of information you provide to Microsoft users.  I have both a desktop and an laptop loaded with Microsoft software which I selected auto updates. However, I have a problem with my laptop (running Vista)where I cannot download .net updates.  This condition has been going on for a year and I have not been able to get help in resolving this problem. My laptop is so out of date that I cannot even load the recovery disc.  I would appreciate any help you could give me.

    Thank you in advance for your help


  3. Anonymous

    Dear sir,

    I had 2 the error: bugcontrol f4 with a bleu screen.

    It's happening after a full scan of Norton (official version)

    The software detected only 4 cookies.

    Please HELP!

  4. Anonymous

    Is a cleanup program called SPEEDY PC PRO truly a Microsoft Partner? Is it safe to download? It has run a scan and found 2800 problems on my computer. I need to "register" to proceed. Is it safe to proceed with this process?

  5. Anonymous

    At 12:50 pm today, received a call from 210-591-7866, Michael Williams advising that MSN had received several notices from me that indicated I was having a problem with my system! I haven't sent any notices, and further, I didn't think MSN would be calling me!? This call came from San Antiaio TX via a VoIP. FYI for you to follow up?


  6. Anonymous

    I have Windows XP on this (guest) computer. I have three other computers on Vista and 7. The other computers give me few problems on Windows Updates. But this XP machine suddenly, on our return from a brief vacation, will NOT allow us to install your latest Windows updates of which there is quite a long list. I've tried several times and it won't allow me to install the 19 or so downloads. Can you please advise me what the problem is and how I can install the downloads. I'm very worried about virus intrusions etc. Thank you.

  7. Anonymous

    The icon on the tool bar is red with an " X " in the middle.  I run the updates again but it does not fix the problem.  What is the problem since it has turned off the virus detection portion of the site.  1) I have not made any changes with the site… 2) I run updates on a daily basis @ 3AM while my computer is off.

  8. Anonymous

    For reason my virus protection is turned to the off position and I cannot get it to turn back on. Could someone tell me how this could happen? We certainly did not turn it off. And please tell me what I need to do to turn back on. I went to the control panel, as suggested on the anti virus page and looked under security but it was not helpful for my problem. Thanks to anyone who would be kind enough to help me turn my virus protection back on.

  9. Anonymous

    Well, disregard my previous question because as soon as I finished typing my problem for whatever reason, my virus protection turned back on. Hmmmmm, magic or a small miracle? 🙂  Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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