FTC cracks down on phone scammers

This week the FTC announced a major international crackdown on scammers who call you on the telephone and offer to fix your computer. These criminals often charge their victims for bogus services and install malicious software on their computers.

The FTC also acknowledges investigative assistance from several computer companies including Microsoft. Federal regulators have already charged 14 organizations and 17 individuals in 6 different legal findings. For more information on how you can protect yourself, see Avoid tech support phone scams

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  1. Anonymous

    We got a call from a scammer tonight.  He had a heavy East Indian Accent and there was an echo on the phone so that I could hear my own voice replying. The number on our caller ID was 800 123 4567 (how clever) He said he was from Microsoft and that we had reported too many problems on our PC.  I asked him how he got this number, he tried o tell me that when  bought the PC…I told him that I built all our PCs and when I purchased the software, we didn't have this phone number.

  2. Anonymous

    a person is use comperter , not personal

  3. Anonymous

    i live in madison heights mi it happened to me with bately any police help. it was done i believe  with spy bubble and even know who. they even made websites in my name took my email over for over 2 mos even my ipad etc

  4. philantrope111@hotmail.com

    Need  protection for m'y cell phon. Tour freine end partenaire serge Tremblay

  5. Anonymous

    I have gotten scores of calls like mentioned above.  "I am from Microsoft and your hard drive has a problem."  Foreign accent etc.  I was polite at first but let them know I knew it was a scam.  I asked them not to call myriads of times but they still call.  The last time I told them I was recording the call–shouldn't have because I wasn't recording.  But I had had enough and told them I was reporting them.  It's stalking!

  6. Anonymous

    I have these people calling me constantly.  I have told them on several occassions that I know they are scammers and to remove my number from their lists.  I have also told them that I don't have a computer with Windows on it just to see the reaction I get.  However they still continue to call

  7. Anonymous

    Still getting calls in South Australia. People claiming to be Microsoft Tech phoned while we were watching the news showing that a major crackdown had been successful on a scam. Blow and behold we get a phone call at the end of the news item from scammers. 1 shut down but many more still going I think so.

  8. Anonymous

    I don't bother telling them not to call again,just say "hold on a minute" and put phone down, return to it 10 – 15 mins later – by which time they have usually ended call.   Number of nuisance calls received lately have reduced, wonder why ?

  9. Anonymous

    I like to have a bit of fun with these scam callers. I string them along and pretend to be doing all the things they are asking (the more of their time I waste the less time they have to dupe someone).  I then start playing sound effects down the phone, for example when they told me to click a link I played a sound file of an explosion and shouted "my computers just exploded"! Great fun when I'm in the mood for a prank.

  10. Anonymous

    I have gotten this call saying they are microsoft IT dept.  Their phone number is 1-800-619-0765. The phone number they got to call from is 1-253-820-3089 from Tacoma, WA.  Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless.

  11. Anonymous

    Glad to hear we aren't the only ones! Getting calls in N.Ireland at least twice a day from a guy calling himself John with a heavy accent ?East Indian claiming to be from Microsoft Support Services and coming through on a number starting with 200. He says that I have reported a fault on our computer- which I haven't. Doesn't matter what you say to him, he keeps calling!

  12. Anonymous

    When will the FTC crack down on "Rachel at Cardholder Services"? This has been going on for years!

  13. Anonymous

    i recieved a call from some indicating they were calling on behalf of the mircosoft help desk.  The lady had a indian accent saying they were notifed by microsoft that i was logging to many error issues.

    The company I found out is called:


    37693 Schoolcraft Road

    Livonia, MI. 48150


    Appears to be a scam business and overcharging for services. They even tried to charge for free internet security software.

  14. Anonymous

    I just received a call from someone saying he was a Microsoft representative. He told me that I purchased something that was against the microsoft agreement and that I was scammed. He also said that I would be receiving a check for the amount scammed but that I had to go on http://www.windowsverify.webs.com, click for verification and run. Then complete a form with confidential info. Is this a legitimate phone call or a scam of some sort.

  15. Anonymous

    This happened to me and they messed up my whole computer with viruses and deleted some of my important data.  I live in St Paul Minn.  I called Best Buy with my cell phone while he was on my homephone.  He wanted to sell me mother board protection-Best Buy told me there is no such thing.  By the time I hung up he had done all kinds of things to my computer. I filed a complaint with the state Attorneys' office, but never heard anything back.

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