Download security update for Internet Explorer

Today Microsoft released a security update for Internet Explorer. To help protect your computer, visit Windows Update to download and install the update and ensure that you have automatic updating turned on.

Note: This update replaces the Fix it that we posted earlier this week. If you install this update, you do not need the Fix it. If you already installed the Fix it, you still need to install this update.

For technical details, see:

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  1. Anonymous

    Windows Update does NOT list this update when I "visit". I checked my update history and it has not been installed so, WHERE IS THE UPDATE?

  2. Anonymous

    Update fails.  All fixes on error message don't work.  Can not "repair" Windows thru reinstall process as "upgrade path" fails because machhine is already at a higher level.  Machine is clean.  Have done several different virus & malware screens in safe mode.  You need to relook at this updare.

  3. Anonymous

    This morning my microsoft update seemed to work ok. I'm confused.

  4. Anonymous

    my girlfriend speaks so high of Microsoft Security Essentials that i think she loves it more than me thank you from me and my girlfriend 

  5. Anonymous

    Please advise me on a way to locate media center 6 download and install I Will post advisories about Microsoft Security Essentials on my Facebook front page thank you CRWSMUSH….

  6. Anonymous

    Internet Explorer security updates

  7. Anonymous

    my computer need virus installed i do not know how i disabled it.Help 

  8. Anonymous

    need help

  9. Anonymous

    its a bit slow

  10. Anonymous

    Why was all this software installed on my laptop on 9/13/12 without my permission. I may have other Malware software that I prefer on my Google Chrome based platform!

  11. Anonymous

    Why weren't we asked if we wanted this install prior to it automatically populating my hard drive?

  12. Anonymous

    I own a desktop computer with Windows XP Home Edition. I still have Internet Explorer 6. I want to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. Please show me a written step by step instruction on how to do it. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous

    Please make This very simple

  14. Anonymous

    thank you!

  15. Anonymous

    Running Internet Explorer 8 on XP. Since last security update (today) I cannot connect to links, e.g., CNN, Microsoft.: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage."

  16. Anonymous

    i have security problems in browsing. at every click show a window to get the security certificate.  

  17. Anonymous

    The update that fixes this issue is KB2744842?

  18. Anonymous

    I have been having many intermittant instances Int. explorer not responding.

  19. Anonymous

    Hi Can i Download the secuirity update

  20. Anonymous

    i have so many virus

    can you help

  21. Anonymous

    this is not work croct

  22. Anonymous

    My computer is updated automatically every time I opened my internet and this really help me. Thank you very much

  23. Anonymous

    my computer is held when i open the facebook

  24. Anonymous

    Computer very slow – have a virus.  Already have virus protection – what should I do to remove?

  25. Anonymous

    my computer need virus installed i do not know how i disabled it.Help

  26. Anonymous

    Ok, i've installed an update,but IE 9 is still going in crash, with 2 modules STACK & ADOBE FLASH PLAYER/a latest version/,and a IE 64 get this problems more often than 32v.

    So is this update fix all problems or many but not all???

  27. Anonymous

    My problem with accessing Face Book, which began 09/16/2012, has not been resolved. FB has not blocked me.  Can be accessed from another computer. What can be done?

  28. Anonymous

    why can i not get player

  29. Anonymous


    hope somebody will fix it, an update fix only IE x86, but the problems

    still exist in IE x64 & AdobeFPL!

  30. Anonymous

    I keep getting the message that Internet Explorer Cannot Display Web Page.  what's going on?  Why do I keep getting this message?

  31. Anonymous

    i have not feeling in my serves…..pls want chat me a help for me….thanks

  32. Anonymous

    I've recieved it also, begging next update comes and bug fixes this error

  33. Anonymous

    I lost my live account and i cant use it. Can i use the old pasword made stoger

    I have lost Email account witch i need

  34. Anonymous

    Why is this security off every time I turn the comp. on?

  35. Anonymous

    Dear microsoft, sorry for every thing? verry sorry I regret for what I did.I download sothings els , that I though  is good? is a big mistake…PLEASE  take me back PLEASE…. I regret that I didnt TRUST you for every thing sorry…NOW  I need you Im losing every thingS in my computer and I TRESS,and is not good for me coz im sick almost 7months now. sorry please, PLEASE  FOR GIVE ME



    P.S sorry +

    thank you all

  36. Anonymous

    internet explore update

  37. Anonymous

    I am flat broke and my computer is my saving grace for many important things. I need all the protection Microsoft has to offer, but, I need it for free.

  38. Anonymous


  39. Anonymous

    hi if i am running trend micros as my protection for virus & scanning etc.  Do i need to set my Microsoft security FIREWALL TO THE ON POSITION & THEN STILL USE THE TREND MICROS THROUGH THE Microsoft Firewall on top. ? your help would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU SIGNED RICHARD D, PAPA OR 

  40. Anonymous


  41. Anonymous

    I can update Windows, but Defender is turned off, and I cannot remedy this.

  42. Anonymous

    i need help i dont know how to remove virus and many more     thanks

  43. Anonymous

    need help too-…!!

  44. Anonymous

    i would like to get on my messages live

  45. Anonymous

    I received the update, but can not install it.  Keep receiving error code 80070643.  I have tried the fixes mentioned in the support forums.  Any one else having this problem?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.  

  46. Anonymous

    I Need (GOOD) Security On My System ?? Help& Install, Best Recommendation?

  47. Anonymous

    please makeit easy

  48. Anonymous

    I can't install KB2744842 or KB2732059.  Keep receiving the error code 80070643.  I have tried all of the help solutions to no avail.  By reading various forums this seems a problem not just for me.  Is there a fix?  Thanks.

  49. Anonymous

    can not get in 2 my addmin.account 4 got password i tryed everything please help, 

  50. Anonymous

    i need internet explore update outomaticly

  51. Anonymous

    It good …..thanks so much that update it for us.

  52. Anonymous

    my curser isnt letting me press down on things fast enough…also alot of sales on security services on malware sales telling me i have lots of virises

  53. Anonymous

    My Virus Protection is turned off..How can I turn it back on.  I am 85 years old and I am not a computer expert.  I do need detailed instructions.

  54. Anonymous

    Cannot check for updates. Computer showes a blank screen. System says that the service is not running. Also all my security for Windows update are turned off and I can't turn them back on. What's going on?

  55. Anonymous

    cannot get on internrt

  56. Anonymous

    Thank you very very much for your help in updating my computer.

  57. Anonymous

    As an Avira user, I have received a message that my laptop is unprotected. For some reason, I cannot turn on Malware (the other three are okay).  I even went so far as to restore my system to an earlier date which was successful, but the message in the Security Center still exists. I have logged off and restarted repeatedly, but the message  remains the same.  Please assist in this effort.  Thanks,

  58. Anonymous

    please how can i installer updates

  59. Anonymous

    A virus was eliminated from my computer, but I can't update.  Error comes up 0x80070424..  Need help in upgrading.

  60. Anonymous

    I want to be protected as much as possible from viruses that could harm my computer.

  61. Anonymous

    i don't understand all that is being quoted on your update thing please make sure i amcovered  thank you

  62. Anonymous

    Will the security update emove false compouter technical programs. I was ecently connected to something called 'Advanced Technical support'. I think it was a scam and contacted my credtid card provider to cancel the fee. I have heard nothing more from that company. Have you heard of them?

  63. Anonymous

    I thought I was automatically enrolled in updates—why do I get these notices?

  64. Anonymous

    There is no install click button on this site.

    Maybe it is a scam or containing a virus to

    destroy computers.


  65. Anonymous

    Lost both Internet Explorer 8 and 'Help and Support'.  Neither will download from Microsft's Web Site(s).  Any help out there; couldn't get it from Microcoft.

  66. Anonymous

    thank for this update

  67. Anonymous

    Reviewed my "update history"- this was not installed. No updates available to install now. Where is the update and how do I get it

  68. Anonymous

    Somehow every time I do something on the computer it is kept on an Excel worksheet (by Notepad?) I can get by with having a program to make & send documents. Can someone HELP!!!!!!!!

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