Recent Internet Explorer advisory

Microsoft released Security Advisory 2757760 yesterday about an issue in Internet Explorer.

The Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC) is actively monitoring the situation and so far the issue has impacted only an extremely limited number of people.

For more information, see Microsoft Releases Security Advisory 2757760.

Full-strength solution available soon

Within the next few days Microsoft will release an easy-to-use tool (called a “Fix it”) that you can download for free. When the Fix it is available, we will post the link to download it here on this blog. You will also find it on the MSRC blog.

For more information, see Additional information about Internet Explorer and Security Advisory 2757760.

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  1. Anonymous

    On Sept 12, 2012 a representative called from India & told me about this problem on on Microsoft.  He said his name was Ansi and his supervisor in India was David Watson.  He charged me %150 dollars & had me send it Western Union to Ashfaque Ali in India.  Also he said Microsoft would reimburse me $360 as this was their mistake & not mine that had to be fixed.  Was I robbed or was this legitimate?  It seems to parallel to this fix-it error.

  2. Anonymous

    This IE defect & vulnerability was identified last week. Why, with all the resources at Microsoft's dispaosal, you have not yet resolved Security Advisory 2757760 is a lame & inadequate response by your multi-billion $$ corp. The fact you're proposing use of other browsers demonstrates the inherent defects of what has always been a flawed browser design. These "use-after-free" holes have occurred in the past. You should be working around the clock. 

  3. Anonymous

    If people would just use Privilege Management especially large enterprises this damage would be mitigated.  

  4. Anonymous

    I have had trouble with Internet Explorer 8 for a long time, so I am looking forward for someway to fix it.  

    I have never downloaded the Internet Explorer 8 that you can just point to but it still keeps popping up everytime I try to login to my email, which is  How do I disable the pop up because I do not want to use it.  I accidently got into something similar with Yahoo and it took forever to get rid of it.  

    Thanks for any help you may give me.

    Eloise cannady

  5. Anonymous

    Kathryn Brown, I am sorry to tell you that you got taken, badly I might add. Microsoft would never ask for payment on security flaws

  6. Anonymous

    Kathryn, unfortunately, that is a scam. Microsoft, and any other reputable company, will never call you asking for money, or your password or other personal information.

  7. Anonymous

    Kathryn Brown – you got scammed and are now out $150 dollars.

    Eloise Cannady – I'm not quite sure what pop-up you are talking about.  Is it the one that asks about your default browser?  If it is, in IE8 I believe you turn that off by going to Tools -> Internet Options, click on the "Programs" tab and uncheck where it says "Tell me if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser".

  8. Anonymous

    I just got a call.  It sounded like it was from India.  He said he wanted to "fix" my error problems.  I'm sure it was a scam and I just told him I wasn't interested.  He wanted to know if my computer was on first.  I just hung up but wanted to post that people were calling representing themselves as working with Microsoft.

  9. Anonymous

    will not allow my games to play,cuts me off in the middle of playing song pop,sometimes it does not show anything on screen!

  10. Anonymous

    Thank you very much. I downloaded the updates today and they fixed the problem that I previously had with error 80070005. Everything now seems to run normally including my update summary page.

    Thanks again.


  11. Anonymous

    My microsoft shuts off sometimes, how do I turn it back on ?

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