Fraud alert: Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit scam

We’ve received reports about a new phishing scam email that tells “email users across the world” to validate their email account or it will be deleted from “the world email server.”

This email is fake, but it does use the official logo of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU). The Microsoft DCU is a real worldwide team of lawyers, investigators, technical analysts, and other specialists partnering internationally to disrupt cybercrime and transform the fight against digital crime to make the world safer.

If you receive an email like this you can ignore it and delete it. You can also report it.

This email contains three of the common signs of a scam:

  • Impersonation of a well-known company or organization
  • Time-sensitive threats to delete your account
  • Requests to click a link in an email

Get more information on how to recognize phishing email messages, links, or phone calls.

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Eve Blakemore

Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    I met a girl on-line who insisted I communicate thru messenger and I opened an account in hotmail; and when I was looking at her account, she is from Equador, not The U.S. like she claims. I believe she is using Jnago and Hotmail to lure and get pesonal information from people. Thank You

  2. Anonymous

    I have been hacked and now i can not get into my account. please help me reset my pw.

  3. Anonymous

    Men are calling me saying they are Microsoft Engineers represented by Cyber Wizard.  Who do I turn them in to??

  4. Anonymous


    May be someone,without my knowledge, used my email address to create Microsoft account .

    Please let me know if this is true. If it's true, I may want to cancel my address. Any suggestion?

    Please let me know what security info from m that unknown person had provided to you.


    Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2012 08:53:01 -0700


    Subject: Microsoft account security info confirmation


    Microsoft account

    Security info confirmation

    It looks like you added some security info to your Microsoft account :

    Alternate email address: c

    You can use this info to reset your password if you forget it.


    If you didn't make this request, click here to cancel.


    The Microsoft account team

  5. Anonymous

    Good morning.

    Given all of the scams on the go, I am not sure of the latest e-mail allegedly from microsoft changing the service agreement.  When I went to check out the address, Norton said it could not connect due to the multiple robots:

    Microsoft []

    message reads

    We've updated the Microsoft Services Agreement, which governs many of our online services – including your Microsoft account and many of our online products and services for consumers, such as Hotmail, SkyDrive, Bing, MSN,, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Mail Desktop, and Windows Writer. Please read over the new Microsoft Services Agreement here to familiarize yourself with the changes we've made.

    The updated agreement will take effect on October 19, 2012. If you continue to use our services after October 19th, you agree to the terms of the new agreement or, of course you can cancel your service at any time.

    We have modified the agreement to make it easier to read and understand, including using a question and answer format that we believe makes the terms much clearer. We also clarified how Microsoft uses your content to better protect consumers and improve our products, including aligning our usage to the way we're designing our cloud services to be highly integrated across many Microsoft products. We realize you may have personal conversations and store personal files using our products, and we want you to know that we prioritize your privacy.

    Finally, we have added a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver that affects how disputes with Microsoft will be resolved in the United States.

    Thank you for using Microsoft products and services!


  6. Anonymous

    i am being vandelized by hacking also suspect criminal intent to obtain banking

  7. Anonymous

    Like Gabby, I too received a phone call only my guy's name was Alex.  He gave me the same tale about receiving error reports and that I had a virus that the tech was going to fix. I did get a phone number but did not call back.

  8. Anonymous

    I have received several calls from a man with a very broken English who introduces himself as calling from Windows Technical Department and then informs me that I have a serious problem with my computer when I go on the Internet.He then goes on in the same  way as described by Eve Blakemore.

  9. Anonymous

    I had a message from Microsoft Security Essentials Program that said my windows validation could not be verified. There was a link to get a current validation, was this a scam or legit ?

  10. Anonymous

    Today I got a phone call from Tacoma, WA. A man with an accent said he was from Microsoft and that my computer is sending out loads of malicious emails. He wanted me to get on my computer while talking with him. I just hung up.what is this?

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