What if I no longer have access to my secondary email address?

Last week we answered a question about what to do if your Hotmail account is sending out spam. We mentioned resetting your password if you can’t sign in because your account has been blocked. One way you can unblock it is to respond to an email message sent by Microsoft to the secondary address you listed when you opened the account.

Many of you wrote in asking what to do if you no longer have access to that secondary email account. The answer: you will need to fill out a support request. (In fact, now would be a good time to make sure that your secondary address is correct.)

Even better, you can associate your Hotmail account with your mobile phone number or other information that hackers cannot easily access. For example, if you lose your password or your account is hacked, Hotmail sends you an account-recapture code in a text message to help you regain access.

You can also set up a “trusted PC”—associate your Hotmail account with one or more of your personal computers. If you need to reset your password to regain control of your account and you use a trusted PC, Hotmail will know you are the legitimate owner.

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  1. Anonymous

    I am upset with the last security update. Almost every site on my favorites list comes up with a certificate notice.  I have to go through the process of trying to get it to let me connect with the site that I need to use every day.

    How do I remove the update instlled on Aug 15 or 16 that caused this very irritating problem.  I have tried  putting in Trusted Sites.  I have enabled

    or did what was recommended to stop the checking of certificates.  I do not know what to do next except to simply remove that update.  I woud really appreciate your assistance.   Thank You in advance.

  2. Anonymous

    my adrress is blocked, i need a halp

  3. Anonymous

    I need my computer now and not in 24 hours. What can I do and who can I contact?

  4. Anonymous

    I tried all that you have mentioned and my account is still blocked I have no idea what is going on.I had a code sent to me via phone and that didn't work so I tried resetting my password and that didn't work either i'm stumped on what to do this is really aggrivating and frustrating because I don't know why my account was blocked in the first place I can't get no straight answer's from microsoft either so my next step is contacting a lawyer but that's dependable.I can't get into my hotmail to redo my security settings.

  5. Anonymous

    My msn email was hacked; I have been in contact with both Microsoft and MSN and neither of them will assist me.  My only interest is in getting my fifteen years of contacts back.  It has been over a week, now, and yesterday I got a message stating that I have made too many attempts to retrieve my email access. What a joke?  Maybe I should become a hacker; they seem to have all the power.

  6. Anonymous

    I would like to have my e-mail page back

  7. Anonymous

    I could not open my hotmail account on Aug 21, saying it had been blocked due to suspicious movements. I was directed to a site which asked me several questions to prove I was the owner of that account and it then sent an email to my alternative email to say that my ticket number is such and such and that it would take up to 72 hours to process it. But up to now I could not open this first email. What should I do please?

  8. Anonymous

    i believe my account was hacked now i cant login xbox live. Done every thing i can to reclaim my password, even given bank details to msn, still no joy. , but still they cant verify its me, what a joke. Sevens years of wasted gameplaying,

  9. Anonymous

    My Hotmail accounts were hacked and regaining access to them was more trouble than switching to a new gmail account.  

  10. Anonymous

    A hacker that gets access to an account, can also quickly change both the secondary e-mail address, as well as a mobile number. Those two fields of information should really not be allowed to change/update w/o confirming such a change through a short code in an SMS (and yes, that could lead to problems if one change mobile number and forgets to update account info in Live Services).

    As to the ones who feels their accounts have been hacked or locked down due to spam being sent out, it is always a good idea to once in a while actually look in the "Sent" folder to see that there is only mail that you actually have sent. Far too many times we send an e-mail and then totally forget about it.

  11. Anonymous

    The above may be true. But I no longer own the "Trusted PC". I submitted a support request documenting the no longer "Trusted PC". I do not know yet if the request was received by MSFT. I hsve not yet received a confirmation request.

  12. Anonymous

    my secondary email account is Outlook 10, while my primary one is gmail. Until recently the sychronization of both accounts was exemplary but this is no longer so. Gmail downloads the emails sent to either account immediately, whereas Outlook is slow. More serious is Outlook's failure to download all the syncd mail. Important messages may be missing for my partners to access.

    Let me know if you have changed the methods regarding synced mail between Outlook and Gmail. Thank you.

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