Parents: kids want to talk with you about online bullying

Online bullying is a popular topic on the news and in schools, but according to a recent Microsoft study, it’s not a popular topic at home.

Microsoft just released the results of a global youth online behavior survey to examine a range of online behaviors among youth – from “meanness” (least severe) to online bullying or cruelty (most severe), and everything in between.

The study found that kids are worried about online bullying and want to talk about it.  However, according to the study, only 29 percent of kids say their parents have talked to them about the issue.

Read more about the Microsoft Global Youth Online Behavior Study.

Get online bullying prevention resources

Kids need to know that adults can and will help them. To assist parents and educators with these conversations, Microsoft has created some new resources:

  • Stand Up to Online Bullying Quiz: Take this online quiz or post it on your school’s website or blog as a teaching tool. The quiz is designed to walk adults through a series of scenarios where, upon answering, delivers immediate guidance about how to talk about, identify, and respond to online behaviors from online meanness to bullying and beyond. 
  • Digital Citizenship in Action Toolkit: Kids mirror adult behavior – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This interactive educational guide helps teach you and others how to foster responsible use of technology in today’s digital world. Teaching digital citizenship in our schools helps young people learn to be responsible, respectful, and informed online citizens.  


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