FBI warns against hotel net connections

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning earlier this month that travelers should be careful using Internet connections in hotels. Some travelers had inadvertently downloaded malicious software onto their computers when they accepted fake security updates.

Reportedly, hackers had compromised hotel networks (mainly outside of the United States) so that when travelers tried to log on they would see a pop-up window indicating they needed to update their computer in order to get Internet access. The updates were actually malicious software designed to gain control of your computer and steal your personal information.

We recommend that you turn on automatic updating and visit Microsoft Update before you travel to help ensure that your computer is up to date. You can also increase your safety by connecting to the Internet in hotels through a cable instead of using a wireless connection.

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Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing

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  1. Anonymous

    i don;t know much about computors but i know these federal stalkersstalking me got a window that they all keep update info; on demolistion of my life for the money i worth and covering up the identy theft

  2. Anonymous

    did i get a bug are did one supper tecks brun mt pc ???

    i have the logs but i have not been on to see … the phone had the bug to  but fixxed last night and all most have the new pc to gether siver  maild me back & thay say thay dont do that … hopp not but if i do some wronge let me no and yes i may have try real hard to get my pc up agian but did not now to do some thang but it was like what i read thas not me thank you Jack

  3. Anonymous

    Thank you for this great notice.  I have some friends that are travelling this summer and I will let them know about this serious and informative message.  Especially regarding that the FBI has issued it.  Thank you for a great newsletter

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks, Microsoft!

  5. Anonymous

    You can also increase your safety by connecting to the Internet in hotels through a cable instead of using a wireless connection. Why is this true??

  6. Anonymous

    For those asking about why a cable connection is safer, WiFi is broadcast and anyone

    With another WiFi device can use software like firesheep to hijack your sessions if you are

    Also not using https. But cabled is normally a switched connection so is not so easy to hijack.

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