Help, I’ve been hacked!

A reader named Karen asks:

“I received a message in my Hotmail inbox that said that I’d been hacked and I should change my password. How do I do this?”

If you think your Hotmail account has been hacked, go to the Reset your password page.

Karen didn’t say whether the message appeared to be from Microsoft or if it was from a friend who received an email from her that looked suspicious (a sign that your account might have been hacked.)

If you receive an email about the security of your account, this could be a scam. Don’t click links in any emails unless you trust the sender. Instead, reset your password.

Get more security tips for Hotmail and learn how to help protect yourself from email and web scams.

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  1. RichardDeeming

    "Don’t click links in any emails unless you trust the sender."

    If you receive an unexpected email telling you to reset your password, don't click links in it even if you *do* trust the sender. Sender information can be spoofed.

  2. Anonymous

    My hotmail account has been blocked because of junk mail sent using my email ID. Now when I try to unblock my account, it asks me to enter the code. I do not have a code. If I click on "I didn't get the code" it takes me to send code to preassigned hotmail which is currently inaccessible because it has been blocked. It has an unending loop – catch 21 situation. PLEASE HELP!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Illegal spam email is being sent through Hotmail to my contacts that isn't being sent by me from my computer.  

  4. Anonymous

    I had a pop-up from Windows, which said that my windows files are now "unrecognizable" and I should install my original Windows disks and run them.  The disks are from an earlier version and I have to uninstall the windows that I now have.  My computer is running on XP Pro from when I used it with AutoCad, which I no longer do.  

  5. Anonymous

    all my web accounts have been hacked  so these hackers enter contests using my information

  6. Anonymous

    does anyone know how to get rid of happili that has been redirecting Google??

  7. Anonymous

    How do I protect my daughter when see on facebook & when she on line?

  8. Anonymous

    How do I get in my e-mail if it's been hacked

  9. Anonymous

    My live mail account has been hacked and was sending out emails to my contacts. I deleted all the contacts stored online and changed the password but some emails continued to be sent. It has stopped now but I am migrating everything to a new account and closing the problem account.

  10. Anonymous

    For those who are posting here with problems, these comments are not monitored by technical support personnel. Don't expect an answer to your questions.

    If you think you have a trojan, virus or other issue, you may consider downloading and installing the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool as a start. More info is at…/malware-removal.aspx

    If that does not solve your problems, you may with to consulting a Microsoft Certified Professional. Look in your phone book under Computer Retailers or Computer Consultants. Most problems can be fixed quickly and easily by professionals who have encountered these problems as a part of their work and/or training.

  11. Anonymous

    How I make it stop? How?

  12. Anonymous

    Create stronger and longer passwords. Make a very hard question. This will give hackers a harder time to break into your account. If possible, use numbers in password. Spell words wrong in password.

  13. Anonymous

    Hello, good day.

    My Hotmail account has been blocked because it was hacked, can anyone help me unlock it because attempts to do not send the security Codico the email account you specified as optional.

  14. Anonymous

    Message saying I'm part of a domain. Can't sign in

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