Microsoft battles Zeus ID theft botnet

Microsoft, in collaboration with the financial services industry, successfully executed a coordinated global action against the Zeus botnet. Zeus is a type of malware that can monitor your online activity and record your keystrokes to commit identity theft.

Learn more about the botnet takedown.

If you think that your computer might be infected with the Zeus botnet, we recommend you:

  • Run the Microsoft Safety Scanner
    The Microsoft Safety Scanner is a free service that helps you identify and remove both worms and viruses to improve PC performance.

For more information, see the Microsoft Virus and Security Solution Center

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  1. Anonymous

    how does the Arab world steal the FB pages of our soldiers abroad and post like it is theirs?

  2. Anonymous

    I got a trojan on another computer two days ago and it shut down Microsoft Security Essentials and Speedy Pro and hid from Spy Sweeper. The only thing that worked was Microsoft Safety Scanner.

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