NEWS: Microsoft offers most popular US antivirus program

Have you recently installed Microsoft Security Essentials? Earlier this month, the development tools and data services company, OPSWAT, announced that Microsoft’s free antivirus software was the most popular antivirus program in North America during the last 12 months.

Microsoft Security Essentials is free to download and helps protect personal and small business computers from viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have always use McAfee, lately I had some trouble with my second computer and customer service was not very good.  That prompt me to do some looking and found "free" from Microsoft security programs!, how does it compare to the others pay services?

  2. Anonymous

    I am using Comodo AV for my PC, it's performance is really good.

  3. Anonymous

    I have the opportunity to have Norton for free through my Internet Provider, but Microsoft Security Essentials has been on my computer after 60 of purchase, and I have this computer for almost 10 months….so far NO PROBLEMS!!! Thanks Microsoft!

  4. Anonymous

    Wold like to try your security system.

  5. Anonymous

    It woks as well as other pay Anti-Virus software!

  6. Anonymous

    I have used all of the popular anti-virus ptograms, but since I installed Microsogt Security Essentials, I have found it to be the best. And have hence installed it on all 8 computers and recommended it to all my friends world-wide. They have reported to me that they are also extremely happy with it. Thank you Microsoft for saving me, not only money, but my precious time and files. I have not experienced any virus problems since having your Essentials installed together with microsoft defender. I can highly recommend that people try it, and I am sure they will stay with it. Regards, Con.

  7. Anonymous

    I am using Forefront Endpoint protection in entire Academy. Work perfect.

  8. Anonymous

    I have used avg f-secure norton panda, but it was a great releif to switch to Microsoft Security Essentials. And since it is free, maybe Microsoft is trying to get rid of the M$ stamp?? A very positive event, thank you.

  9. Anonymous

    I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials only,with no problems for the past couple of years.

  10. Anonymous

    I have been using your website for many things.  Why do I still hear the warp sound every now and then.  It frightens me so I turn off pc.

  11. Anonymous

    I also paid for McAfee…  Hated it… Deleted it from my pc.

  12. Anonymous

    Microsoft Security Essentials.Works great for me.

  13. Anonymous

    Got a problem..(using microsoft essentials and am very satisfied)

    However I'm getting the message under Malware protection that M/S essentials

    reports that it is turned off. M/S essentials has not provided Sec centr to

    fix this issue….What is my next step?

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