Report scams in Hotmail, Xbox, and more

If you think you’re a target of a phishing scam or other fraud in an email, Xbox instant message, or on a website, you can report it. Most Microsoft products have built-in tools that make this easier.

Hotmail. If you receive a suspicious email message that asks for personal information, click the check box next to the message in your Hotmail inbox. Click Mark as and then point to Phishing scam.

Xbox 360. If someone is trying to phish you in Xbox 360, bring up the player profile, select File Complaint, select File Complaint again, select Text and Voice Communication and then select Text message to file a complaint, where it will be reviewed by our Enforcement Team.

Internet Explorer. While you are on a suspicious site, click the gear icon () and then point to Safety. Then click Report Unsafe Website and use the web page that is displayed to report the website.

Microsoft Office Outlook. Attach the suspicious email message to a new email message and forward it To learn how to attach an email message to an email message, see Attach a file or other item to an email message.

Get more information about how to report and avoid fraud.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have another account that was hacked and I have reset the password but the content on my account has been changed to MSN india and everything is now in india language.

    How can I change it back to English. I have a new password but I still can't read the screen.

    Please help me.

    Please note: the account I am talking about is different from this one.

  2. Anonymous

    My msn email account was hacked. I cannot access the account to many any changes because they changed my password and all security info, other email address security question etc. any help would be much appreciated!

  3. Anonymous

    An email appeared from a known contact with message…Check this out! I think that when I opened it, I think my contact list was compromised, as my contacts all got emails,which I did not send, sometimes 3 at a time.

  4. Anonymous


    Straight forward easy to follow advice.

  5. Anonymous

    How do we get rid of vulgar emails in our junk? I've tried blocking it but the list keeps growing.

  6. Anonymous

    1 877 297 8519 called me saying microsoft received error message reports from my laptop

  7. Anonymous

    I rec an email declaring to reply with my username passwrod etc..within 48 hrs…I recall getting an email previously that u neveer req that tuype of info nor any personal info..I must tell u Although I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL Hotmail cust forn almost 8 yrs…I have NEVER seen as much hacking as I have in the last 18 mths or so..I am thinking it could be an internal prson..& it's BAD NEWS..I am checking to see ig there is sincerely an upgrade..either way IO don't see & I think u can agree u need the info being asked for..The sad part is there will be people that will fall for it..PLEASE ADVISE ONCE YOU HAVE REC THIS EMAIL…

    Sincerely Judy

  8. Anonymous

    I have received several emails claiming that your computers had been comprimised with a virus and that you all were updating your system and needed personal info. so that my email account could updated too. I don't know who these dummies are but I told them to kiss my backside and don't ever write me again. No one needs anyones personal info to update anything and I won't do even if you asked me to. You would just have to shut me down. Please pass this info on to others because I know i'm not the only one. and I just like Judy Cardona beleive this is an inside job. I hope and pray that this helps someone.

  9. Anonymous

    keep getting calls -no witheld -saying they are getting messages from my pc  to my serever that it needs to update secruity -english not first class

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