Protect yourself from online tracking

Third-party websites have the ability to track your online behavior and share this information without your knowledge or consent. Tracking Protection, a new feature in Internet Explorer 9, lets you choose which third-party sites can receive your information and track you online. When you add a Tracking Protection List, Internet Explorer will prevent your information from being sent by limiting data requests to websites in the list. For more information on tracking, see this recent IE blog post: Browse Without Being Browsed.

To turn on Tracking Protection

  1. Open Internet Explorer by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Internet Explorer, and then, in the list of results, click Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Tools button , point to Safety, and then click Tracking protection
  3. In the Manage Add-on dialog box, click a Tracking Protection list, and then click Enable.
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  1. Anonymous

    I was c alled by 206 456 0661 by someone named or calling himself owex that microsift technical had recognized thet a virus had been downloaded on my computer. I asked for a call back number and he gave me–he was east indian, or from india by his voice–the number, 206 205 2205. I hung up and called the number. it wasn't any microsoft security or technical. be warned of people callimng and saying they are from microsoft security and technical

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks, I've been looking for this!

  3. Anonymous

    why no online for ie8,afterall its microsoft

  4. Anonymous

    why dont microsoft create online tracking for ie8?

  5. Anonymous

    I get these so called calls from "Microsoft" telling me they have my screen up in front of them and can see my pc has been hacked!!!!!! I hang up with no comment, I try to call the number back but it is unobtainable, there have been so many I don't even wait to hear the message these days.

  6. Anonymous

    Dec-2011-I got a call from someone with an Indian accent-who told me-he was from MSN and that I have a virus-I grinned-"here we go" told him-have tight Security-he said-no he knows there is a virus-go to the PC and he will help me sort it out-I told him-have a law background-and PC Geek ( me thinks!)my PC has shut down-2 hours ago-and all plugs are out-each time-and I get an alert-when I am on there-and if he goes on-will have him for harresment-and then put the phone down-when I checked to see what his number was-none-so tell them a story !give it to them-say am fraud Squad or FBI-under cover etc-shuts them up!also fun!and I-am almost 70-and not-a fool-have a nice day-play the game!

  7. Anonymous

    I have 2 IE's.  One says 64 bit, the other is without anything.

    What is this?

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