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We sometimes hear from customers who want to know if an email which appears to be from Microsoft is real or not. If you receive an email that claims to come from Microsoft, but it contains an attachment or asks you to send passwords, user names, or financial information, it’s probably a fake. Te best thing to do is to delete it.

This week, Microsoft and other technology companies have joined forces with anti-phishing start-up Agari to help stem the tide of those fake emails.

Read this CNET article for more information about how Agari uses cloud technology to help stop phishing and other kinds of email fraud.

Get more information about how to avoid scams that use the Microsoft name fraudulently.

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  1. Anonymous

    opened bad e-mail which trashed my computer, don't know why it was'nt caught when opening download? am using microsoft essential.

  2. Anonymous

    Need an easy way/link to report spam emails. Many individuals can cut/paste the Internet Headers to assist in identifying who/where emails are being generated from. SB

  3. Anonymous

    I get dozens of spam emails a day from people using the Yahoo.com domain.  I have no friends using that domain anymore yet you won't allow me to add @yahoo.com to my blocked senders list.  Why not?…..

  4. Anonymous

    I've been seeing these a little more often than usual as of late. Whenever I get them I try to contact the company the email is pretending to be (the last one was wellsfargo, before that was blizzard). I'll often forward to hotmail abuse just in case they can do something about it and in the case of the blizzard phishing attempt, they could as the message came from a live.com account. The fact that these messages still come through the filters means that more needs to be done.

    Over the years I've seen some pretty sophisticated attempts at phishing. I almost always go to the site they want you to visit just to study what the bad guys are employing now a days. About five years ago I recall geting a phishing attempt email trying to get baking information although I cannot recall the bank they pretended to be. The website was impressive. They had a script that hid the address bar of the browser and at the very top of the webpage was an image that looked just like the address bar showing the domain of the bank so it looked as if you were actually at the proper https:// website instead of something like wwww.myinfo.usbank.baddomaininchina.com. The only thing that gave it away was that the image of the address bar differed slightly from the address bar that my particular web browser was using at the time. I was using firefox if I recall and the image was an image of IE's address bar style. I almost missed it. So, the bad guys are very sneaky in their methods and the average user in such a scenario would probably not realize they were at a spoofed site even if they considered themselves smart enough to look closely at the address bar to make sure they're actually at their bank's website.

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you. I had an email from Western Union after purchasing an incredimail product asking for email address and password had to look twice before I realised it was a fake

  6. Anonymous

    Is there a central email address/site where scam emails can be sent/reported ?

  7. Anonymous

    I am constantly getting 25 to 50 a day in my junk file which i send to sweep but get the same ones back the very next day

  8. Anonymous

     I've gotten many of these bogus e-mails and send then directly to my spam folder.  I've also gotten them supposedly from AT&T.  

     What I like the best is when they mispell Microsoft or as in the AT&T ones spell security wrong.

     I do hope some of these people are caught and prosecuted.

  9. Anonymous

    My own opinion is – Microsoft should be tracking these crooks down and helping law enforcement agencies punish them.  Countries whose law enforcement agencies don't co-operate should be cut off from the internet until they smarten up  (I'm pretty certain that Microsoft could arrange for that "cut-off" to occur!!)

  10. Anonymous

    I am getting a lot of email with a link in it from a cousin in Spokane, her

    account is with AOL. I have blocked her address but it still goes into my deleted email. In fact a lot of junk mail gets into my outlook.

  11. Anonymous

    I've received an email purporting to be from Microsoft about closing down accounts if you don't respond to the email to get rid of unused email addresses. They are asking for usernames and passwords hmm I smell a rat does anyone know if it's fake or not.

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