New SDL Industry Talk Wall Launched

Every now and then we get asked by conference attendees or someone at a company who is evaluating the SDL for adoption at their company, “How well known is the SDL within the IT industry?” or “Where can I find video summaries of your SDL tools or whitepapers?”, or my favorite, “Who else is using the Microsoft SDL?”


Well, today, Microsoft launched a new SDL “Industry Talk” wall on the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) website. This wall was designed to publically share some of the great evidence Microsoft has generated and continues to generate surrounding awareness and adoption of the SDL.


So if you are considering adopting the Microsoft SDL or know of someone who is looking for a single resource for what the Industry is saying about the SDL, look no further.


By the way, the “Industry Talk” wall was built using HTML5 technology which gives users an exciting new way of experiencing and consuming SDL information. This means you’ll need an HTML5 compliant browser such as Internet Explorer 9 or any of the latest browsers to view the content. Enjoy.

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