Windows 8: Updated security features

To get an engineer’s perspective about how Microsoft SmartScreen and Windows Defender will function in the next version of the Windows operating system, read Building Windows 8: Protecting you from malware or watch the video below.

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Eve Blakemore

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Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    i dent have dowmload and my pc is infected

  2. Anonymous

    the internet is bloked to.

  3. Anonymous

    thank you.


    Good improvement of security in Windows 8.

  5. Anonymous

    looking forward to windows 8 and an even more secure system great work.thank you

  6. Anonymous


    Sounds good, and good addition to Norton Security.

    Aside from this, what else is the same and different about Windows 8 as opposed to the previous editions?


  7. Anonymous

    I'm glad to see that Microsoft is helping keep computers using their software safe.

  8. Anonymous

    So far, so good. It's a little rough around the edges, but also intuitive. And this is just a preview and not even the beta yet! I'm impressed.

  9. Anonymous

    you have got to be kidding??  I just bought windows 7; when are you greedy microsoft people going to stop this insanity of writing poor software where the commmon person can no longer afford to be buying software updates every 2 or 3 years???   .

  10. Anonymous

    Why would you put this video in something (mp-4) that isn't supported by Windows Media Player????

    Did you make this at Apple??  Another stupid OUTSOURCE move I suppose.

  11. Anonymous

    Don't put it out if it doesn't work any better than your video!

  12. Anonymous


  13. Anonymous

    I had down loaded Windows 8 when it was first available.  I had McAfee security on top of my IP provider and Windows and Microsoft which produced a very slow computer and conflict.  Now I have Microsoft, deleted McAfee and my computer responds exceeding well.  I am happy about my computer's response at present, since I have not had the quick response on it for years.

  14. Anonymous

    i am having a scripting error message everytime i open facebook and also internet 8 not responding. I have tried to reset internet explorer and it seemded to help for abt 30 minutes  also ckd mymemory and all ok. So How do i repair or fix the scripting error message please.

  15. Anonymous

    Video doesn't work for my Windows 7 IE9 configuration

  16. Anonymous

    Plays well in Firefox on Apple 🙂  As for Win XP, Internet Explorer is "Not Responding", again, and more stop than start, with sound not too bad using Firefox.  Hope to try again sometime on a Win XP laptop in case its the computer at fault (very likely)

  17. Anonymous

    Eventually got IE8 on Win XP finally opened! The sound works well thoughout but the pictures didn't always flow properly.  At least it worked

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