Microsoft offers $250,000 reward for information on botnet

This week, Richard Boscovich, Senior Attorney for the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit, announced a $250,000 bounty for information that results in the identification, arrest, and criminal conviction of those responsible for controlling the Rustock botnet.

Microsoft shuttered Rustock (a major source of spam) back in March and we continue both to search for the cyberciminals responsible and to help people regain control of their Rustock-infected computers. If you think your computer might be at risk, learn how you can remove and avoid computer viruses.

Anyone who has with information about Rustock should contact their international law enforcement agency.

For more information, see Microsoft Offers Reward for Information on Rustock.

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  1. Anonymous

    i got an  em-ailin Marh  from  "microsoft" = G.Mail accout – informing me  i  won $us 20 million.  Knew  Microsoft would not use a  g-mail account  just  deleted it.

  2. Anonymous

    last night someone called and said they were from Microsoft and my computer had a virus and wanted to let them enter my computer to remove the virus i did now I beleive I was scamed the phone number on my caller ID was 44-155-3366 for this person Any help would be welcomed.

  3. Anonymous

    Bravo! Now if only Microsoft can help catch and control the other spammers this guy wasn't alone my junk mail bin always has suspicious emails in it.

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