State of Application Security: Key Findings – A Forrester & Microsoft Webcast

Earlier this year, Microsoft worked with Forrester Consulting and Dr. Chenxi Wang, Lead Analyst on secure application development,  to survey the current state of application security amongst 150 of the largest corporations in the US and Canada.  I talked about it in February when we first published it on this blog. The report turned out to have a lot of very interesting data, some of which we’ve discussed previously when we published State of Application Security – A Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper Commissioned by Microsoft on our website.

Microsoft is hosting a webcast on Monday, May 23 at 11 am PDT with Dr. Wang talking about the results and her recommendations based on the information in the study.  I will be following her presentation with a brief presentation of my own discussing similar benefits that we’ve seen in our interactions with other organizations. The two presentations will demonstrate that the SDL, as an end to end process that engages all the relevant parties within an organization, can have a significant impact.

The current security and compliance environment is driving many organizations to look at their own secure application development practices.  The results from this study and the information in the webcast can help provide key parts of the business rationale for starting a secure application development program that is about more than just compliance.  The findings of this study are very clear that there is a business benefit in not only doing better application security but also in the ROI of changing the corporate culture around software development.  This is a great opportunity to get your business decision makers to hear the facts and to help you make your case.

Come listen and have an opportunity to ask questions.  You can sign up here, Business Insights Webcast: State of Application Security: Key Findings.

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