Beware of bin Laden malware on the web and in email

If you’re searching for news about or pictures of Osama bin Laden, you might find malware instead. This week the FBI warned computer users to be especially careful of emails that claim to show photos or videos of bin Laden’s death.

Cybercriminals are quick to put up fraudulent websites that people will find when they’re searching for popular news topics. These sites often contain fake security software that tries to trick you into downloading malware by making you think that your security is at risk.

Only click links on websites that you trust. If you’re on a news website and you see a pop-up window that advertises security software, do not click it. Computerworld reports that these risks apply to people who use either the Windows or the Mac operating system.

Here are two free ways to help protect yourself:

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    1. Anonymous

      i have been hacked, it was the "see video and pictures of the death of bin laden" it attacked my address page and sent it to all my friends and do i check and eradicate this virus

    2. Anonymous

      @thomas lepick: Change your Facebook password ASAP and change the security measures.

      Download and install Microsoft Security Essentials and update it to the latest version. Run it and remove all traces of viruses, spywares, malwares, adwares, etc.

      Download and install the following: HiJack This, Hitman Pro, SAS, MBAM, Microsoft Security Scanner, Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

    3. Anonymous

      My wife clicked on this stupid link on facebook with her computer and it spammed all her friends.  She managed to remove this link fom all her friends but what is the impact on her PC does anyone know?

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