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  1. Anonymous

    I'm getting a constant warning for a virus sent to me repeadily every 3

    to 5 minutes. I forgot my '' activation code #. Could you please email me at

                                          Thank you,


  2. Anonymous

    email 4/21 am fr: re: MSN TEAM subj: MSN Account Closure Alert(tm)

    return reply address:

    information request for:





    Please verify and confirm ok to respond.

  3. Anonymous

    unable to fine answer why windows security center will not turn on.when I click on "turn of now" I get message the security center can't be started

  4. Anonymous

    i have received an e-mail from my holiday company, about a change in flights for august…i am unable to open the file, or download it.. it is a pdf, and says it contains a virus, is there  anyway i can view this file, or will i have to phone the holiday company….help…i hope someone can advise…thanks..

  5. Anonymous

    When the automatic security updates system has done its work, I get the following message…time and time again, that the following security update was unable to be done: Security Update for .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and 3.5 SP1 on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP x86 (KB2446704)

    What is the problem?

  6. Anonymous

    can microsoft do something about vista security 2011 virus because it took over microsoft security essentials on my computer. Microsoft should tell us how to eliminate the virus.

  7. Anonymous

    What I would love to see happen, the SEND Button back on my MSN IM , gesh I hate having to hit the Enter Button on my keyboard when I am IM'ing.

    Thank you

  8. Anonymous

    I scanned with Godzilla and was told I had viruses. When I scan with Essentials, it says all is fine. How can I tell if Windows Security has been compromised. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but was not allowed to install it in safe mode, so I am not sure.

    thanks, ann

  9. Anonymous

    Rxed popup saying MS Security was out of date. Name that popped up was (XP antivirus.2011. So i bit (cost on visa is around 50.00$)Did install and since then i have been loosing different functions of my system. Try to D/L anti/V but sys. cannot open file. With a good mirror i can see the SUCKER stamped on my forehead.



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