Is Microsoft Security Essentials dependable, even though it’s free?

Joey writes:

“I just recently
purchased a laptop and I am still very new at this. I have enjoyed two months
of free antivirus software that came with my computer, but that will expire soon.
Should I subscribe or is Microsoft Security Essentials as dependable, even
though it’s free?”

Security Essentials
is software that helps protect against viruses, spyware,
and other dangerous or annoying software. Yes, it’s free, but we also think
it’s dependable. Of course, we may be biased. Here’s what a few other-unbiased–security experts are saying.


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Security Essentials now.



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Eve Blakemore is a Group Manager for Trustworthy Computing who delivers consumer guidance around the latest trends in security and privacy. Eve joined Microsoft in 1998 and has worked in corporate and field roles with Microsoft Learning, US Public Sector, Read more »

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm using Microsoft Security Essentials for more than 6 months and its free and protected my computer.

    I used too Norton360 but my computer infected!

    Thanks for Microsoft Security Essentials.

  2. Anonymous

    Security Essentials is top in my book!They update every day all the while not seen or heard.No sales tactics;no scares to get you so paranoid youll buy some program,or better yet buy the whole bundle!     Also you have the added plus of it being developed and pioneered by the biggest hitter in its field.A field where competitors are not to likely to come out and advertise how much they rely on Microsoft for there info.and up to date reports.Example:the latest threat that had China's "Pc security firms" scratching their heads,and screaming "Microsoft Help"

  3. Anonymous



    #####OX80070644d  and  i can not get iut to work it ws working

     fine abotabout 2 week ago vcan you please help to get  this  secuirty   problem fix on my  computer becuz  i have tried every thing

    i know to do please i need the pretection on my computern pleasem me

    or fiv it   for me  thank you  

                                     thank you


  4. Anonymous

    This is without a doubt the best paid or unpaid anti-virus out there right now!  I have MSE installed on all my OS, from XP to 7 it does a fantastic job, very lightweight, does not hog the CPU!  My Windows XP runs on 1GB of RAM without and side effects, I would strongly suggest uninstalling whatever your using right now and install this cracking program.  One small note, I would make your "recovery discs" and a Windows 7 "Repair disc", just in case a nasty virus/worm penetrates your system and you need to do a complete re-install of Windows!

  5. Anonymous

    I have security essentials plus receive regular updates which is great.

    However I continue to suffer from the Spy Tool Winwesec virus, does security essentials not remove it? or is it my fault as I may open a file that contains the virus and it implants itself ?

    regards – Darrall Longworth

  6. Anonymous

    I have MSE installed on my PC, I'm running Windows XP.  Recently I was infected with several viruses which MSE was unable to clean. I was advised to purchase a different anti-virus program which I did, Windows Passport Utilities. Now, MSE reports " no anti-virus programs detected on this PC" I am unable to carry out a system scan using MSE.  HELP !!!

  7. Anonymous

    I have used Zone Alarm for years. My system was loaded down, a slow. I removes it and install Security Essentials, my system is running as fast as it ever. Zone Alarm security suite is a great security program is just resource hungry.

  8. Anonymous

    I downloaded Microsofts Security Essentials and regretted it from the start. My computer started jerking, freezing, and blue screens were common. After removing it, which was not as simple as it should have been my computer returned to normal. I was very disappointed as to date I have relied on the safe and secure downloads from Microsoft to date. I have automatic updates for my XP/3 system.  

  9. Anonymous

    I use my free Microsoft Security Essentials and very satisfied with it and wish to ask if and when it will be necessary to renew it ?

  10. Anonymous

    I downloaded Microsoft Essentials. It did not work, I tried to delete it but could not find it. Your help desk arranged a call but my hearing Impairment (27 years Army Service inspired that).did not allow me to use it fully. I have been contacted on 'follow up' & explained that I wanted to know how to recognise 'Essentials' on my programme listings but have, so far, not received any response. Roy Davies

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