Microsoft helps defeat Rustock botnet

Microsoft, in
cooperation with industry and academic partners, has taken down the Rustock
botnet, a notorious source of spam, fraud, and cybercrime.

The Rustock botnet is a network
of infected computers
controlled by cybercriminals and used for a variety
of illegal activities. The owners of the infected computers probably had no
idea that their computer was being used to send spam. To learn how you can
avoid being a victim of a botnet, see How to better
protect your PC with botnet protection and avoid malware

What did the Rustock
botnet do?

Most of the spam messages generated by the Rustock botnet promoted
counterfeit or unapproved generic pharmaceuticals from unlicensed and
unregulated online drug sellers.  Rustock
spam also used
Microsoft’s trademark
to promote these drugs. In another scheme,
Rustock-generated email lured people into lottery
in which spammers attempted to convince people that they had won a lottery.
The victims were told that they needed to send the spammers money to collect
the larger lottery winnings.  To help
protect yourself against these kinds of scams, see Email
and web scams: How to help protect yourself

Learn more about the
Rustock botnet takedown

For more information, see:

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